Downtown Greenville’s Staircase Tour…w/Joe Hendricks

  • Workout Date - 05/15/2018
  • Q In Charge - Erector
  • The PAX - Flay, Crash, Hootie, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, 3-Buck-Chuck, Satisfry, 10-40, Hot-n-Ready, ShamWow, Spring Break, Stuey, Worfell, Latka, Libor, Rainbow Warrior, Bubba Gump, Punchout, PETA, Houdini, Earth Mover, Bartman, Junk Bond, Domer Simpson, Stem Cell
  • AO - The 'Burbs

It was a beautiful morning at the Main Thang where 25 PAX (including YHC) rejected the urge to fartsack to join me on a tour of the stairs of Greenville.   I’m honored that mumblechatter has continued throughout the week from this Q.   “Somebody throw him in the Reedy”, they said.  “I wanted to kick you in the face on that last Joe” one PAX noted.  I will wear these as badges of honor as should all the PAX who survived the Tour.

24 PAX now know that Joe Hendricks is my favorite exercise!

SSH – 25
IW’s – 25
Merkins – 10
Here’s the Thang:
Mosey to the artificial turf stairs
Squats on every step down
1. Joe Hendricks Up (plank while we wait)
Mosey down McBee to Grace Church
2. Joe Hendricks Up
Squats on every step down (Mumble chatter begins as PAX with their collectively keen intellect begin to notice a pattern) (PAX Planked while we waited)
Double Apple Sauce (2 line Indian Run) to Swamp Rabbit Trail to Staircase between Oobe and Lazy Goat
3. Joe Hendricks Up (LBC’s while we wait at Top)
Squats on every step down (Mumble chatter intensified) (Plank while we waited at bottom)
Mosey to Halls (Somebody throw him in the Reedy!)
4. Joe Hendricks Up (Flutters while we wait at Top)
Squats on every step down (Plank)
Mosey to Liberty Bridge
5. Joe Hendricks Up Stairs to Main Street (everyone just sat on an available bench at this point while we waited)
Mosey back to Halls
Hop down each step
Mosey across Reedy to Amphitheater
Lt Dan  = 1 Squat – 4 Lunges (We made it 4 rounds I think (4 squats – 20 lunges)
Squat Jump up Amphitheater seating
Mosey to Peace Center staircase
6. You guessed it.  Joe Hendricks Up
Mosey to Circle for Mary
6 Minutes of Mary in 4 minutes
Rosilitas – 20
Dolly’s – 20
Flutters – 20
Freddy Mercury’s – 20
No one got off the ground during COT and we left everything on the Stairs of Greenville.  I really enjoyed this one Brothers.  Thank you for joining me.  I don’t think we should ever do this again sometime.


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