Down and Dirty with 30.

  • Workout Date - 05/01/2014
  • Q In Charge - Scuba Steve
  • The PAX - Snippet, Bunyan, The Brady Bunch, Semper, Enron, Beavis, Flay, Frankenreiter
  • AO -

9 pax got down and dirty with 30 for YHC’s BDQ at The Tank Yard! Calling out all regular Tank Yard peeps!! Whats with the low numbers this week. Get ur ass moving!

Warm up:
SSH x 30 IC
IW x 30 IC
10 Burpees oyo

Mosey to building ramp

Dirty Thirty:
Merkin’s x 5
Backpedal up
Calf Raises x 25
Sprint down
Adding 5 on bottom, subtracting 5 on top

Duck Walk up the ramp

Mosey to playground

Burpees x 10 oyo

Pain stations: 3 groups
Pull ups till failure then go into negatives x 30
Perfect Squats x 30
Dips x 30
Burpees while waiting for pullups
Rinse and Repeat

Indian Sprints
Jail Break to shovel flag

Flutters x 30
LBC x 30
Russian twist x 30
Burpees x 10
All oyo for 3 rounds


  • New FiA Workout at Legacy on Monday 0530
  • Spartanburg Launch part 2 Barnet Park Saturday 07:00, Iceman and Flay have the Q
  • Ring o Fire has been moved to Friday, Greenville High School Track, due the threat of weather on Wednesday. Toes down at 05:15
  • Cycling group on Sundays.

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