#doubledora @ #Pitchfork

  • Workout Date - 12/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Hulk Smash, Tedediah, Sensei, Bambi, Pinetar (FNG), Church Lady, Easy Bake, Floppy Disks, Soccer Mom, Whisper, Sammy, Footloose
  • AO -

It’s been way too long since YHC visited the rabbits at #Pitchfork so Tuesday was the perfect time to bring the noise!

12 Rabbits endured the following:
17 x SSH IC
17 x EW IC
25 LBC’s

Mosey to YHC’s truck and grab a pair of bricks.  Mosey to soccer field and partner up for #DoubleDora starting with build-a-burpee (was much appreciated by the #Pitchfork PAX…more later on that!)
100 x merkins; 200 x double knee mtn climbers; 300 x squat jumps followed by
300 x LBC’s; 200 x air presses; 100 Russian twists
T-Claps to the PAX that grinded harder and carried their bricks the whole time!

Next up, let’s introduce the PAX to the Webb family –
Jack Webb (overhead press); Joe Webb (lateral shoulder raise); Jeremiah Johnson Webb (bent over back flys) in a 1:4 ratio with Merkins up to 5:20 #crowdpleaser

Back to homebase for MOM – Rosalita, LBC’s and Dolly’s (watch the count!  always throws the PAX off when you hold Dolly at 1, then again at 3…legs were screaming!

T-Claps to FNG (Pinetar) for keeping up with the front of the PAX the entire time!

Always a pleasure being in the #gloom and getting better with the men around you!

Prayers for Walker in Lexington (F3 – NailPop).  Pray for peace, strength and healing
12/12 F3 Christmas Party – RSVP and cast your votes for the F3 awards
PRAISE – Lilly is cancer free and the Dr. only response is “It’s a miracle!” #Truth
Bambi’s M is having surgery in a few days.  Prayers for success and healing
Be thankful for the friends around you that can talk about more than football…relationships built through rivalry but sharpening one another throughout life. #ISI

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