Double Deuce'n Mt. Mauldin

  • Workout Date - 03/21/2023
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9 Pax made their way to the Golden Strip to find a much higher Mt. Mauldin.  Three early birds now wish the Tickler didn’t have a passenger in his car as Legathon was the focus of the morning, with a goal of an all day burn.

Warm Up:

Merkins x10

IW’s x10

Mt. Climbers (just for a tease) x 20

Mosey twice around the parking lot, then over to the incline for a triple set at the top and bottom of:  5 Burpees, 15 LBC’s, and 5 Merkins.

Before Tebow could fully oxygenate, the Double Duece (like 11’s…just twice the fun) was intro’d to Mauldin.  2 Lunges/Leg at the base of Mt Mauldin, followed by a sprint(or just forward motion) to the top for 20 Deep Squats, back down for 4 Lunges and back up for 18 Squats….10 trips up and down total for the start of the all day burn.  A short mosey back to the parking lot for some sprints forward and the staying low in reverse X2.

6 MOM involved LBC’s, Flutters, and Dolly’s.  As time was about to be called, Murdock’s legs were not burning enough and requested wall squats x2!

There was still a chill in the air in the morning gloom, but the temp was beginning to rise(in the legs) on the way back to the vehicles.  Great work out there Fellas!!


The Murph starts at 0600 Sat at Legacy, followed at 0700 start of the weekly beatdown, leading to the official launch of FIA.






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