Dora + Suicides + Burpees = Pain

  • Workout Date - 11/06/2018
  • Q In Charge - Beamer
  • The PAX - Mrs. Potts, Zebco, NYOPT, Cocoon, Nature Boy (R), Elmer, Cyclone, Ron Swanson, The Butcher, Tweety, Take 5, YHC
  • AO - Golden Strip

9 men left the comfort of the fartsack and came out to the gloom expecting YHC to know what I was doing this morning.  After nature called at the last minute YHC was almost late to his own Q.  Not to fear, I arrived with two minutes to spare.  Plenty of time to set up and get ready for the Q right? What could possibly go wrong?


Mission statement: got half of it, off to a great start

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, in fact I don’t know what I’m doing

The PAX quickly reminded me that my mission statement was missing some words about invigoration….

Mission statement (round 2): Nailed it


Warm up

SSH x 20 In cadence

Imperial Walkers x 15 in cadence

Good enough, let’s get into it


The Thang:

Today we spent some time with Dora’s slightly crazy sister, the Doracide, because a Dora just isn’t hard enough.  Partner up, 1 pax exercises while the other runs a suicide to the cones YHC had thrown out in the parking lot.  During the suicide, do 1 burpee at cone 1, 2 burpees at cone 2, and 3 burpees at the furthest cone. (6 burpees each lap)  The exercises:

100 Big Boys

200 Merkins

300 Mountain Climbers (double count)

400 …YHC forgets what’s next.  If the PAX doesn’t realize what I meant when I said I’m not a professional, they certainly understand now.  Run and check my phone while the PAX partner up…

400 Squats

500 Flutters (single count)

As we begin, Nature Boy and the Butcher whip in on two wheels, and join the rest of us in the gloom. Kotters to the both of you, good to have you back.  The PAX is up to 12

The PAX completed the Doracide way quicker than I was expecting…I’ll have to add in a 600 count of something next time…so we did an 11 with monkey humpers and Bobby Hurleys to pass the time

Couple minutes left so we circle up for some mary

Captain Thor…which YHC forgot how to do and had to start over after assistance from the PAX (really driving home the “not a professional” thing)…up to 5:20



Prayers for F3 Wilson and his family

Prayers for John Marshall and his Wife

Prayers for Elmer’s old Neighbor


It was a pleasure to lead everyone, thanks to all for sticking with me as I forgot how to Q.  We all got better this morning

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