Dora Good Time

  • Workout Date - 10/31/2015
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Whoopee, Gutshot, FNG Adam "BIG" sky Brumfield, FNG David "Grand Mistress" Ingram, and YHC Youkilis
  • AO -

The Conditions: 44F with a slight breeze, in other words perfect conditions for Men To Get Stronger

The Warm Up:


20 IW IC

20 Monkey Humpers (Just because we have new guys and I don’t want them to think we are strange)

The Thang:

Find a friend for Dora 1000

With gallon containers: 100 Curls, 200 Bent over rows, 300 Squats, and 400 Presses while the partner runs around the parking lot.

Plank while we wait, then into shoulder taps x 20 as if the presses left you needing more

We don’t want to forget the abs so… some more Dora.

Same partners for Dora 1,2,3 on the stage.

100 reverse crunch, 200 LBC’s, and 300 flutters while the partner runs out and around the amphitheater.

Well Gut Shot wanted to play with tires so while he set up we did T-merkins x 10

1:4 ratio of upright row standing on a large step using a tire : dips until time ran out we only got to 7:28 but we were pushing.

A: Spinx Runfest TODAY and Hope relay on the 14, Gut Shot is in if we can get 3 others from Market Madness or Powder Keg

P: Grandmother as she transition into a nursing home, Parents as they cope with new challenges that come with getting older, 2.0’s recovery from injurys

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