Dora "cubed"

  • Workout Date - 09/01/2014
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Inspector Gadget, Slum Lord, Uber, Rooney, Sherpa, Joe Dirt, Brown Shorts, 00, Blue Hawaii, Plato (or Play dough?), Floppy, Longbottom
  • AO -

12 pax made it out for a 4th grade math lesson.  All made it through and received A’s on this Labor Day.


Lap around AUMC

20 x SSH IC

5 x merkins IC

5 x high arm merkins IC (YHC forgot what to call these)

10 x air squats IC

15 x LBC’s IC

Lets mosey the long way around to the back parking lot of JKPC

The Thang – Partner up for your math lesson

Dora x Dora x Dora (Dora “upper” + Dora “Lower” + Dora “Core”)  When complete mosey around parking until the six has completed each Dora.

Dora upper body

100 x Merkins / 200 x Plank shoulder touches / 300 x arm raises

Dora Lower Body

100 x Double count lunges / 200 x squats / 300 x calf raises

Dora Core

100 x double count flutters / 200 x Russian twists / 300 x LBC

Again YHC was verbally threatened by the pax, actually YHC was physically assaulted by Sherpa during the calf raises.  That is OK he is leaving this afternoon!  YHC will miss being pushed by his new running partner!

We still have time!

Mosey to the playground and with your partner to 3 rounds of the following pain stations

15 x derkins

20 x dips

Lap around LFES track, gather up and mosey back to parking lot for a Sherpa led 7MOM

Since he is leaving in the afternoon he was not worried about the amount of pain he made the pax feel, I guess he wanted to leave us with one last memory!

We did a lot:  Flutters, Rosey, Russian Twists, LBC’s, Erectors, Back scratchers, Plank exercises.


Sherpa’s next chapter – bless his travels and his time in Nepal.  Your presence will be missed, keep in touch!

Those traveling and running the #BRR

Inspector Gadget’s friend; and Rooney’s family; all those needs and concers that go unsaid!


Anderson Launch set for Oct. 18, send names and contacts.   Look to launch an TR work out in the coming weeks.  Simpsonville launch (GS split) is set for Sept 8 at the clock tower.

What a great way to start a labor day!  enduring pain with you gentlemen.

LB – out

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  1. It was good to get one more workout in with you, Sherpa. It was great fun kidding with you today. You’ll never win the numbers game with Uber as a partner; his form is too good. Take care and stay in touch with F3SwampRabbit.

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