Dora Corners

  • Workout Date - 02/06/2018
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - FNG David E - Zipline, Courtesy Flush, Grrr, Wilson, Kindergarten Cop, Spandex, Wally, iTunes, Almond Joy, House, Training Wheels, Perry Mason, Iceman
  • AO - The Station

13 men planted the newly recovered #GhostFlag at #TheStation for their regularly scheduled Tues #downPAINment.
We waited an extra minute for a couple who #HC’d Monday but alas, they didn’t make it (you know who you are)….

SSH x20
@AlmondJoy and @TrainingWheels joined us
Bombjacks x5
Lunges x10 (ea leg)
Imperial Walkers x15
Merkins x20
Plank Jacks x25
Squats x30

Mosey towards the Church, stopping at the Corner of Jason and Hwy 14 for 25 American Hammers
Mosey on to the Church, partner up and grab 1 block per team for Dora Corners
Corner 1 – 100 merkins (on the block)
P1 – merkins
P2 – plank
switch as often as needed until 100 merkins are completed

Corner 2 – 150 squats
P1 – squats
P2 – Al gore

Corner 3 – 200 curls
P1 – curls
P2 – reverse plank on curb

Corner 4 – 250 flutters
P1 – flutters
P2 – 6″

Those who finished early started back with 100 merkins

Mosey to corner of Jason and Cannon for 25 American Hammers
Continue Mosey to Corner of Poinsett and Cannon
Bombjacks x10
Lunges x16 (Bulgarian split squats)
Imperial Walkers x20
Merkins x25 (derkins)
Plank Jacks x30
Sumo Squats x35

Mosey back to the circle for 5MOM (dealer’s choice).


Naked Moleskin:
– #Mumblechatter was high this morning, even without the 2 #fartsackers
– Tclaps to FNG Zipline who came out on his own. We thought @Wilson had headlocked him but that was #fakenews
– I think that workout was a keeper – cross between Lazy Dora and 4 Corners
– Hoped @WaxOn would be there this morning with the sweet trophy from the 5yr Convergence. You should put that on a chain and wear it like the #TurnoverChain, made popular by The U

Prayer Requests
– All those dealing with the Flu
– @PerryMasons’ MIL
– @KC’s friends who lost unborn child

See ya in the gloom…


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