Dora AMRAP Block Party

  • Workout Date - 01/21/2016
  • Q In Charge - Slick Willy
  • The PAX - Almond Joy, iTunes, Blue Hawaii, Grrr, Perry Mason, First Date, Alfred, Erector, Cockroach, Biofreeze, YHC.
  • AO -

11 PAX rolled out of the fartsack to help YHC celebrate his 46th birthday and first Q.  The temperature was 27 degrees with clear skies, a full 10 degrees warmer than Tuesday.

Warm Up
Shoulder rolls forward and backwards
waist twists
SSH X 20

The Thang
Mosey to MUMC.

Everyone grabbed a block and was told to get two partners. This confused the PAX at first but they got it together, there were two orphans so they each latched onto one of the teams.  We needed one more PAX to make another complete team.

Typically, Dora consists of a set number of reps split between two partners.  P1 begins the exercise while P2 runs to a designated point and back, then picks up where P1 left off.  Continue until set number of reps is met then move on to the next exercise.  This time I threw in a 3rd partner to shake things up. Here’s how it went down:

The event consisted of two stations on opposite sides of the parking lot.  Station 1 was where the Dora went down, station 2 was AMRAP(without a block).  P1 and P2 started at Station 1, P3 pre-staged at station 2.  On the word GO P1 began Dora with the block, P3 begins AMRAP, and P2 carries 2 blocks to Station 2.  Once the blocks get to station 2, P2 begins AMRAP while P3 carries the 2 blocks back to station 1 for his turn at Dora.  P1 picks up the blocks and goes to station 2 for AMRAP. Rinse and Repeat in typical Dora fashion.

150 shoulder press with your block at station 1, station 2 does AMRAP flutters.

250 squats with your block at station 1, station 2 holds a plank.

350 rows with your block at station 1, station 2 AMRAP LBC.

450 chest press with your block at station 1, station 2 holds a plank.

While YHC was explaining the event the PAX mumble chatter already started. “This is going to suck” and “Why do you hate us?”.

Early finishers fluttered then helped the remaining team knock out their chest press so we all finished as a team.  Everyone grabbed a block for a duck walk back to the pile to put their block away.

Mosey back to the circle.

YHC led the PAX in an introduction to Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu by leading them thru the Sil Lim Tao.  The PAX seemed to enjoy that so I will make that one of my trademark exercises.

We still had a few minutes left so we did Pendulums X 15 OYO. To do this you are on your six, raise legs straight up then slowly lower to the right, raise them up then down to the left.  Still had a minute left so Blue thought we needed to do more LBC’s.

Train comes by so we needed to get our ticket punched with 10 burpees, then done.

Everyone did a great job humping the blocks, tclaps to Alfred for his unique way of carrying the blocks.  Next time we’ll get heavier blocks for Blue and I think everyone has arms that are a bit longer afterwards than before.  A sequel is in the works and may or may not involve blocks.


  • Pray for Slick Willy’s mom w/ pneumonia
  • Pray for the Faye (sp) family. Mother has terminal breast cancer.
  • Pray for Gabby M. and Ford S.
  • Pray for Blue’s uncle and family
  • Pray for Erector’s work.


  • Convergence this Saturday at Star Command at 0700.
  • Drifter 6k on 2/6. F3 discount code is: F3

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