Doped up Dora Rides The Escalator

  • Workout Date - 05/18/2017
  • Q In Charge - Squid
  • The PAX - NYOPT, Road Trip, Sammy, Benign, Squid, Cocoon
  • AO -

6 TOTers checked The Twitter the night before and saw a GIF advertisement of a guy getting the family jewels whacked with a sledgehammer while holding a coupon. In response, they subsequently rolled out of the fartsack this morning and proudly proclaimed “I need to check that out!” While there was no sledge hammering of jewels involved, there were coupons and discomfort.

Weather: low 60’s, somewhat overcast. (As if “overcast” even matters at 5:30am)

F3 Mission: Nailed it.
Disclosure: (Long version provided): I am neither a professional nor do I attempt to portray one. All are advised always to consult a physician prior to commencing any regular exercise program. As a warning, F3 is highly addictive.

-SSH X 20 IC
-Windmills x 20 IC
-Imperial Squats x 15 IC (6 count: 4 count IW + 2 count Squat). Demo requested. Demo provided.

-Partner up, and choose wisely. NYOPT did not and paid the price by getting stuck with YHC. 1 coupon per dynamic duo. P1 runs prescribed number of laps (each lap ~150 yds) while P2 performs exercises (all with coupon), transitioning to next exercise upon P1 completion of lap. P1 & P2 switch upon completion of each round.
-Round1: P1 runs 1 lap, P2 Squats. Switch.
-Round2: P1 runs 2 laps, P2 Squats & Lunges. Switch.
-Round3: P1 runs 3 laps, P2 Squats & Lunges & Derkins. Switch.
-Round4: P1 runs 4 laps, P2 Squats & Lunges & Derkins & Curls. Switch.
-Round5: P1 runs 5 laps, P2 Squats & Lunges & Derkins & Curls & OH Press. Switch.
-Round6: P1 runs 4 laps, P2 Lunges & Derkins & Curls & OH Press. Switch.
-Round7: P1 runs 3 laps, P2 Derkins & Curls & OH Press. Switch.
-Unfortunately, we ran short on time at this point and did not completely come off the escalator. However, there were no complaints noted for some reason.

Only a few minutes left for Mary:
-Das Flutter x 40 IC

Announcements: Mud Run 5/20, GoRuck 6/10

Praise/Prayer Requests: ACA & career guidance

Naked Moleskin: 3 PAX observed finishing a pre-ruck during the warmup. Just not sure what the ruck was “pre-“ to since they vanished into the gloom. Knowing they are training for the GoRuck event, no judgments were made. Throwing stones in a glass house = window breakage. During the workout, an allusion was to the format of an “AMRAP Escalator Dora with coupons” essentially being Dora so doped up she was hardly recognizable. Road Trip followed up with an appropriate image on The Twitter.

Proud to stand next to you, humbled to have the opportunity to lead you!


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