Don’t Look at Me, Its Pacer’s Idea

  • Workout Date - 12/04/2017
  • Q In Charge - Uncle Remus
  • The PAX - Run Off, Pacer, Lt. Dan, Road Trip, Ditka, Uncle Remus (YHC)
  • AO - Matinee Monday

Pacer has been requesting the Hill 10’s workout for a few weeks now, YHC decided to be a man of the people.

SSH x20
IW x20

The Thang:
Mosey to the bottom of the traffic circle on Govenor’s Hill – explaining slight audibles to the normal movements at the 4 stations:

Station 1: Burpees – no change here, you can mess with perfection.
Station 2: Hand Release Merkins – these make me hurt and are fast becoming my favorite of all the merkins
Station 3: Big Boy Situps with feet facing uphill – these were Road Trips idea. They give me road rash but whatever…
Station 4: 8 Ct. Body Builders facing downhill – these are just stupid but, again, whatever.

10 reps at each station, stop do to the movements on the way up AND the way down

All PAX completed 3 trips to the top and one bonus stop at the Big Boy station before heading to the sweet grassy hill

Jacobs Ladder:
Big Boy Situps at the bottom, burpees at the top
At the 4/3 point audibled to doing the burpees at the halfway point so we could finish the whole set

Lil bit o’ time for Mary:
Flutter Kicks x20 (hands out to the side for me and Ditka, everyone else can do it the easy way. PACER – I’m talkin’ to you!)
Bicycles x10


YHC want to be a 2:20 time hack rucking the GHS Half. Anyone in?
GoRuck tough and Light coming to G’ville 3/2/18 (Tough) and 3/3/18. Anyone in?

Lt. Dan’s brother (just lift up the name, He’ll get it), YHC’s brother with continuing chemo treatments, unspoken requests

Always a pleasure, fellas!

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