Don't Flatter yourself…

  • Workout Date - 08/11/2016
  • Q In Charge - T-bag
  • The PAX - Abacus, Seal, Whoopee, Red Wire, Youkills, Missing, Slug, Quaker, Mr. Burns, Carl’s Jr., Brown Shorts, Don Ho, Clapper, I Try, T-bag
  • AO -

15 men fought the fart sack urge at #Powderkeg this morning to be a part of this:


  • Windmill IC x 10 (mumble chatter in the background about how this is similar to the #HurricaneAlley workout the previous day….really??? after the first warm-up exercise?)
  • SSH IC x 20 (plagiarism mumble chatter again…someone really has their panties in the wrong spot.)
  • Lets mosey to………..whats that? another car pulling up. lets do some merkins while we wait for the lagger.
  • Merkins IC x 5 (still more plagiarism mumble chatter…WTH)


Mosey to the block pile and grab a Quaker coupon. Then mosey to the basketball court with your coupon.

7’s with “sitdown-standup- over the head block presses” and “box jumps” on the bleachers (each exercise is performed on the opposite sideline as the other) The mumble chatter stopped….for a second.

Mosey to the front corner of the church (with your block)

Divide up into 5 groups

Round Robbin Workout – 5 groups, 4 stations.

  • Start the mosey around the parking lot.
  • Group 1 falls off at station 1 for “sit-ups”
  • Group 2 falls off at station 2 for “merkins”
  • Group 3 falls off at station 3 for “squats”
  • Group 4 falls off at station 4 for Quaker Block Curls”
  • Group 5 circles around to station 1 and relieves group 1 with “sit-ups”
  • Group 1 goes to station 2 and relieves group 2 with “merkins”
  • Group 2 goes to station 3 and ……you get the idea.
  • This goes on until about 8 minutes are left.

The mumble chatter started again at the beginning of the Round Robbin….OK…I took a “portion” of a previous SEAL workout and made it 10x better. now the mumble chatter makes sense. Don’t Flatter Yourself)

Jail Break back to station 1 to collect your blocks and take them back to the block pile.

Circle up at the flag for:


People’s choice of various ab exercises


  • Races/Running events: Spring Water Festival 5K, Hiko 5K, Midnight Flight 5K and 10K
  • SOS AO in Williamston on Tuesdays

Prayer Requests:

  • Missing’s Father is having Heart issues
  • T-bag’s sister battling cancer
  • Seal’s personal family request.
  • Taylor Swift’s Foot

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