DogPound Rising

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  • Workout Date - 11/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - PETA
  • The PAX - Inspector Gadget, THE Hard Hat, Longbottom, Funky Bunch, P squared, FNG Brandon (Spackler), Earthmover, FNG Ryan (Jon & Kate +2), MIA, PETA (QIC)
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YHC got a #HC (hard commit) from 2 FNG’s this week for DogPound so I grabbed the Q and made a plea for attendance…The PAX answered and we had a total of 10!! The #gloom was especially gloomy with drizzle and 200% humidity (it was like summer in November). 5:30 so lets get started.

Warm up
Disclaimer for the FNG’s
SSH x 30
Burpees x 10
Mosey to Swamp Rabbit Trail on Main Street for Dips x 20
Mosey down SRT to TR Methodist Church for the main event

The Thang
Partner up (size does not matter) for a DORA 2-4-6
200 merkins
400 squats
600 flutters
One partner exercises while the other runs about a 0.2 mile loop on the SRT and Main Street.
Mosey back stopping for Dips x 20 and just before we arrive to parking lot YHC noticed the entrance drive to the parking lot had a bit of an incline…everybody bear crawl up the drive (approx. 30 yards) and then mosey back. 25 big boy sit-ups and we are out of time!

Great effort by all and we had merlot so it must have been sucktastic!

Announcements: expansion everywhere #giveitaway; convergence November 19th at Wellness Arena for Toys for Tots workout

Welcome FNG’s Brandon (Spackler) and Ryan (Jon & Kate +2)

Prayer Requests: Funky Bunch’s grandma just had a heart attack, Castaway is finishing job training today as he seeks to better himself and seek new opportunities (he had a bad shoulder this morning and wasn’t able to make it), huge praise for a little girl (Lilly) a Lake Forest Elementary (Hard Hat’s kids school) who miraculously recovered from cancer!

After making great strides in my 1st 5 months in the gloom I have been lazy the last several weeks. I posted 3 times this week (including today’s Q) and I was reminded how great it is to be with all of you in the gloom.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

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