DogPound Mini-Beatdown

  • Workout Date - 10/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - Stump
  • The PAX - Inspector Gadget, Splinter, Stump, Truck-stop, Zorro
  • AO -

Five brave souls posted at the AO fondly known as the “dogpound” in Travelers Rest and formed a Circle of Pain where I nervously moseyed into the middle for my VQ.

(Disclaimer: names of exercises may vary from Lexicon or be made up completely. 14 days ago I was a FNG so cut me some slack!)


  1. Overhead Arm pull x 10 (each arm)
  2. Rear Lunge x 10 (each leg)
  3. Windmill x 15
  4. Thigh Stretch x 10 (each leg)
  5. Front/Back/Go x 3 min (Merkins, LBC’s & Run in Place)
  6. SmurfJacks x 15

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to benches for Dips x 50 (OYO)
  2. Mosey to BB court for Wind Sprints x 2 sets
  3. Mosey to Football Field for Laps
  4. PAX Choice (Q call first exercise PAX sprints 10 yards, next PAX member calls exercise, etc.)
  5. BOYO x 20
  6. Mosey back to BB court for cooldown
  7. Arm Rotations x 10 forward x 10 backward
  8. Supermans x 10
  9. Supine Bicycle x 10
  10. Rosalitas x 10
  11. Various stretches (Possibly resembling a MickeyMantleStretch)


Respect to ‘WarDaddy’ Inspector Gadget and the rest of the PAX for barely breaking a sweat while I sucked wind during my own Q.

Enjoyed the coffeeteria time with Inspector Gadget and Zorro. Learned why Zorro is called the ‘Grand Puba of Fencing’ (Hint: It isn’t because he can erect a dog eared privacy fence faster than the rest of us)

Looking forward to getting better at the Q.  A bit disappointed with my VQ since I forgot my Weinke and completely blanked halfway through the workout.  The rest of the PAX was understanding and carried me through.  However I have set the bar pretty low for Truck-Stop who will be VQing next week.  All those reading these words should come support if you can.


4 thoughts on “DogPound Mini-Beatdown”

  1. Have no fear, bro! I was sucking wind and sweating puddles along with you. Overall good workout. Looking forward to what Truckstop has up his sleeves #bringyourglovees

  2. Great Q and Back Blast, Stump ! You should be proud. You will go down in Dog Pound history as the very first VQ, and probably in F3 history for earliest VQ. (Exacty 14 days from FNG).

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