Dog Pound Smoldering

  • Workout Date - 06/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Castaway
  • The PAX - Zorro, PETA, THE Funky Bunch, THE Hard Hat, Annie Oakley, Inspector Gadget, Earthmover and Rhythm
  • AO -

9 Pax got up, put their shorts on inside out (ok, maybe that was just YHC) and descended on Gateway Park. We tried some new things today (mental note: must explain the difference between stretching and yoga to the pax) and got a decent workout in the process.


25 Richard Simmons (arms straight out in front of you and alternating high/low as you do jumping lunges)

10 Diamond Merkins (oyo)

25 Air Humpers

Arm Circles x 4 (10/10/10/10)

20 Dips

Stretch: Neck, Front/Back and Reachers (Lots of mumblechatter questioning the necessity of stretching, apparently the Pax like being injured)

Party Time

1-lap Mosey around the football field

Mosey, sprint, backwards mosey – Pax instructed to partner up with speed mattering. Partners instructed to Mosey together to the 50-yard line, sprint remaining 50 yards and backwards Mosey 100 yards back (x 2)

Shuttles of Doom – Starting on basketball court sideline with 30 dips, shuttle run to other side of court and do 20 Merkins, shuttle run to bottom of hill and do 15 incline Merkins, bear crawl hill, 10 decline Merkins at top, crab walk down hill and shuttle run back to starting point (x 4)

With 15 minutes left we trimmed the leg portion back a tiny bit.

Football field – 25/25 Super Skaters (right leg goes back as right hand goes forward and you lower yourself on left leg, repeat on left side), Bear crawl 50 yards, 50 squats, Crab walk 50 yards back.

Mary – 10 rounds Superman/Banana (on stomach with arms and feet off the ground, roll over onto your 6 with legs and arms in the air), 50 LBCs, 50 Flutters.


Dog Pound Sunday Beatdown Beta entering its second week. Join us at Gateway Park at 6:00am on Sundays!

Supporting Asheville expansion over next couple of weeks – check in with Iceman if you are able to go up.

Summerville Hurricane – it’s happening, some of us may go


PETA’s parents dealing with home builder nonsense and is asking for supporting prayers for a college friend whose brother was in a serious accident.

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