Dog Pound Block Party

  • Workout Date - 12/09/2023
  • Q In Charge - THE Hard Hat
  • The PAX - Longbottom, Clip On, JK2, Spackler, THE Hard Hat
  • AO -

YHC came tearing into The Dog Pound with about a second to spare. Little trash talking greeted me as my car door opened. I had a answer for that in the form of BLOCKS!

Warm-up – SSH IC, Hill Billies IC, Baby and Big Arm Circles, 8 Count Merkins (new favorite thanks to 00).

Main Thang – Lets go to the back of THE Hard Hat’s Truck. Block Time. Everyone grab a block and lets head down to the football field. Remember that you must carry the block over your head whenever traveling with it.

11’s – 10 man makers with block at bottom of hill and 1 jump squat at the top. 55 man makers and 55 jump squats with hill running gets the old ticker going.

11’s – 10 curls with block, sprint across field and 1 dip at other side. 55 curls for the girls and 55 dips with 50 yard sprints gets us ready for the beach.

We had a broken block at this point so I decide to modify. Let’s head to the baseball field next with blocks held high.

Home Plate is Block Merkins, 1st is curls, 2nd is block presses, 3 is Tricep extensions. One runner. Run to first and take over exercise so that person can run to 2nd. Everone cycles thru a couple of times.

Mary – Head back to parking lot with blocks held high. Finish off in the circle with some Mary – flutters, three count Freddies, and a long X’s and O’s.

BOT – We ended up running 1.2 miles of sprints. Prayers for Walker and Family.


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