Dodging raindrops

  • Workout Date - 06/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - BioFreeze, Spring Break, Grrr, Blue Hawaii, Perry Mason, Wally, iTunes
  • AO -

The ground was soaked at #TheStation and water was still coming from the clouds.  YHC decided it was a great time to run around town with some painstations along the way.

SSH x 11 IC
Merkins x 10
Mtn Climbers x 17 IC

Too much to do let’s roll…

The Thang

Run around pond to Gilligan’s Island – 25 BB sit-ups

Run up to Amphitheater for:
10 box jumps each level
10 merkins each level
10 levels total…good work men!
T-Claps to Blue Hawaii who doubled down with a 2.5 mile pre-run and the entire workout with a weighted vest on!  The other PAX and YHC appreciated the youngster evening the odds for the rest of us!

Continue up to welcome circle – 20 squats; 50 Russian twists

Hit the street towards the church – once there hit every step five times.  At the top, 20 plank shoulder touches.  Bonus round: 10 more.  Extra credit: 5 more

Mosey back to Main Street – Partner up for DORA
100 squat jumps
200 LBC’s
300 erectors

Mosey back to the park for “light poles”

pole 1-2 inchworm
pole 2-3 bear crawl
pole 3-4 broad jump
turn around, rinse & repeat…literally!  #sprinklers #stillraining

Mosey back to the #ShovelFlag

Naked moleksin: I’m always grateful for the PAX and today was no different.  After attending Golden Sombrero’s dad’s funeral yesterday my heart was heavy and my thoughts were pure.  Love the ones you’re with and let them know it!  Love to the PAX.  This is the only life we have and regardless of the strife we go through.  Regardless of the pain that comes and the victories we go through…Jesus is still King!  As many know, I’ve gone through setbacks recently with my neck/shoulder pain…today was the first day I was able to join in all parts of the workout and it felt great!  Thank you for the prayers and comments during my recovery.  It was much appreciated!

Continued prayer, love and support for Golden Sombrero’s family in the passing of his dad.
Prayers for a dear sweet lady at BH and Grrr’s church.  They have called in hospice this week.  Prayers for healing but also conversations with the 2.0’s who know and love her a lot.
Prayers for Perry Mason’s co-worker who had a heart transplant on Monday.
Prayers for those suffering in silence.  Swallow your pride, grab a brother and ask for prayer!

Always a shot directly to the heart being around the PAX!  Aye!

~ Footloose


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