Dodged one

  • Workout Date - 01/09/2016
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Flow Rider, 12th Man, Whoopee, Youkilis (YHC), and Gutshot (Coffee)
  • AO -

The Background: Feeling under the weather for the past couple of days so I took some cough medicine to try and get some rest.  Great idea in theory because I can take the cough syrup, “dream up” an awesome Q, get rested and kick a little tail in the morning!  Step 1: Take cough syrup.  Step 2: Plan awesome ZZZZZZZ (I was out) and it worked a little to well because I about overslept my alarm.  So awkwardly roll out of bed see that I am running late, skip all the important morning stuff (you know what it is), get dressed, hop in the truck (glad it was not iced up) roll up to the AO with 2 minutes to plant the flag as PAX sprang from their cars.  Nobody has to know that anything was amiss.

The conditions: 45F/78%RH with light NW breeze (Middle of winter on Wed, Middle of spring on Sat.)

Fell asleep so I didn’t plan anything so Q on the fly, The Warm Up: SSH x 20IC, IW x 20IC, Side hop about 30 yards, then reverse,  karaoke down and back, high knee down and butt kickers back.

The Thang: Mosey a lap while the “Q” makes up for falling asleep last night.  Let’s see what the dice have in store for us: LBC’s, Reverse LBC’s, IW squats, Burpees.  Two more laps and two more rounds of dice. Seemed like the dice kept landing on reverse LBC, Dips, and LBC’s and the Q heard mumblechatter for some variety.  So up and mosey to the bar for supine pull ups x10IC, then mosey to the steps for Joe Hendrix to the top and back to the bar.  This time for some over the edge flutters lead by 12th Man, then mosey around the block lead by Flow Rider (about 1/2 way around and the start of some rumblin’ YHC decided that I better take a short cut.  “I’ll meet you at the Flag”.  Ok we are all back at the Flag and I ain’t going to make it, YHC calls out “I am heading to Dodges'”, just in time to hear a train whistle so the PAX give a 10 burpee salute and I in the truck for some core work.  I hold Al Gore for a little while then head back to see what Whoopee had for the PAX while YHC skipped out.  Run to the amphitheater to rejoin the PAX for what I assumed was just little arm circle while YHC was gone.  They corrected me and said that they had done elevens with squats and something amazing I am sure.  I don’t know I was just glad that I got to come back and not make a stop by a trash can on my way to a shower.  Still on stage we did some acting like we all had chairs while we joked about the poor fool that had to speed off in the middle of the workout.  Then as if the legs weren’t feeling it we decided to do 20 box jumps and heard another train whistle in the middle so pair that with another 10 burpee salute.  Well feeling pretty good now that YHC had lightened load, next up was 10 donkey kick, followed by squats, followed but some more donkey kicks, followed by some slow cadence squats to finish the burn and the workout.

A: 1/16/16 Flow Rider Q: and doesn’t want to talk it up so nobody can smartsack.  Sadistic fool, why not give us a heads up in case we decide to use our brains, we already proved we won’t.  So please show up for some fun.  1/23/16 Padre convergence no MarketMadness, clown car leaving Powderkeg at 0600.  Drifter 6K discount code “F3”

P: For guidance as Youkilis has a friend that is admitting that he has a pill addiction but is not taking the steps necessary to force a stop, need to know the line between enabling and helping.  For the Doctors as they look for the next steps as they treat Whoopee’s Grandmother and for mental and physical strength for whoopee’s mother as she cares for her mom!  Strengthen Gutshot’s back so that he can return to the workouts.  Praise that as Gutshot hurts he still comes out to help strengthen his brothers.


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