• Workout Date - 08/23/2018
  • Q In Charge - RoadTrip
  • The PAX - Short Barrel, Zebco, Beamer, Bernie, Slingblade, Obama, Bambi, NYOPT, Church Lady (R), Whisper (R), Peak-A-Boo, Cheese Steak (RR), Gymboree (R), Flo (R), Ron Swanson, Cyclone, Strange Brew, One Direction, Look Out Below, RoadTrip
  • AO - Golden Strip

It’s been a while since YHC has Q’d.  It probably has something to do with being awarded a membership in Whisper’s ½ Marathon Training Camp.  YHC also realized I missed my 2 year anniversary Q, not because I fartsacked my own Q, but because I never signed up for it.  So…SURPRISE!  Thanks for coming to my anniversary Q this morning!  Nonetheless, it was bun warming to be back in the center of the sweaty bodies of the COT.  It brought back so many memories of Van Parker and the Van 2 adventure tour group.


Mission: Still got it

Disclaimer: You are not a professional, never have been, but dog-gone-it, people like you

SSH x35 IC
Hillbilly x20 IC

Church Lady comes rolling in and YHC tried to keep SSH going until he joined. However, he quietly joined Short Barrel on a stroll around the parking lot.  PAX started falling out so halt was called and Church cautiously avoided yet another set of SSH.

Mosey to the bus loop for the INAUGURAL GOLDEN STRIP 600. Find a partner dosey-doe and share a coupon for you both.  T-Claps for my partner LOB for snagging a coupon with not one, but two handles.  He’s definitely the selfless one in this relationship.

PAX 1 reps, PAX 2 runs. Flip flop pop tart

The Reps – 100 of each exercise. No combo reps, each PAX responsible for their own reps

The Run – 5k pace around the outer loop followed by sprint around the inner loop (logged nearly 2.5 miles)

    100 Curls
    100 Over Head Presses
    100 Calf Raises
    100 Monkey Humpers
  • MARY
    100 Big Boy Sit Ups
    100 Flutters

50 hand release merkins awarded to those who finished early.

The music stopped.  Mosey back to the flags for early dismissal in honor of Short Barrel.

Legacy (or Le Gassy) (or Le Stupid-O) – Get you some on Saturdays @ 0700

Spinx Run Fest – 9 weeks of training left.  Whisper is giving out customized  training memberships.  D1 is signing up.

Praise for Short Barrel’s return

Laura & Andrew Moore – pregnancy complications

Pine Tar’s sister battling depression

NYOPT led us out in prayer

Urban was last seen in the parking lot of Wine Express…fondling a pair of young buckeyes while sipping a Michigan Mule thru a milkshake straw.  (that’s twist on the Moscow Mule with cherry flavored vodka – a Michigan tailgate staple).  Pet Stain was last seen at the P200.  ATM was snug in his bed with visions of IOP in his head.  And despite peer pressure, Bambi continued his own version of a run fast…fast as in abstaining, not fast as in speed…so D1 secretly padded his career yardage stats.  Church Lady almost merlot-ed, which would have been a first (and an honor) for a RT-Q.  Had he been there for SSH, it probably would have happened.  There’s always next time.  But nothing was more glorious than seeing LOB’s street lamp light kissed skin and monkey humping against a trailer behind the school as I rounded turn four.  Well except for seeing LOB’s street lamp kissed light skin and calf-raising against a trailer behind the school as I rounded turn four.

Speaking of humping, Short Barrel is the new energizer rabbit…Under the knife on Tuesday, check from Aflack on Wednesday and posting with Post Malone on Thursday.   Beast mode.   Just like Alabama said, you can’t keep a sexy bastard down.  Yea, he’s not just driving for the P200…he’s going toe to toe….or nose to toe with Ranger Rick.  And last but not least, this Q received the stamp of approval from Cheese Steak in the form of a body blow chest tattoo. You probably think you’re better now, better now. After all that running ‘round, running ‘round. But you gave your everything.  Great work gents, your shoulders and hammys will thank me later.

Thanks for coming. You were a great audience.  SYITG.

RT Out

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