Do I Offend?

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Gluten, Quaker, Brown Shorts, Hook&Ladder, Iceman
  • AO -

5 men planted the #shovelflag at #PowderKeg. YHC expected many more PAX because #PK avg’s double digits during the week. YHC had lots of new stuff planned for #PK and I’m pretty sure the PAX liked it as the morning #gloom was filled with the sounds of #mumblechatter.

The Thang:

Ssh x25
Flutters x25
10×5 – 10 Burpees every min for 5 mins #crowdpleaser

Partner up
4 corner Burpees
P1 does 5 burpees at each corner
P2 does 10 Plank shoulder touches, 10 ct down and hold, 10 plank jacks (repeating until partner returns)
Flapjack, repeato

Indian run w/ KB around the Church to the long hill on the far side

Marathon 200
P1 runs backward up the hill
P2 does exercise, then flapjack
Each partner does 50 of ea
Diamond merkins
Jump squats
Lbc 2.0 (DC)
3 ct Merkins


Naked Moleskin:
– While the numbers were small, the #fellowship is always good at #PK
– Pretty sure we’ll see some of these circuits again at #PK
– @Gluten and @Quaker never fail to impress #Respect

– DoodleTrail 5k 7/17.
– July 4th Convergence at Legacy

Prayer Requests
– @Glutens friend Mr Stansell had a heart procedure
– @Brown Shorts family going on a Mission trip to Canada
– @Ice’s house selling

See ya in the #gloom….


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