Dividing and Conquering

  • Workout Date - 03/10/2018
  • Q In Charge - Church Lady (Boot Camp)
  • The PAX - Ugga-6 & 2.0, Chompers (visiting from Savannah), Cheese Steak, Nature Boy, NYOPT (Name Your Own Price Tool), Road Trip, Benign, Pet Stain, Whisper, Lt. Dangle, LOB (Look Out Below), Hot 4 Teacher, and one (herein nameless) canine rucker with 4 legs.
  • AO - Pitchfork

Disclaimer:          No FNG’s

Mission:               Cheese Steak, practicing for next week, delivered the F3 mission . . . sort of.

Weather:             Mid-40s and clear

A total of 14 PAX launched three separate attacks into the gloom, five at Boot Camp, five who ran (but in the right direction), and four (who oddly enough had 10 legs between them) rucked.

Warm Up:

SSH’s x 25

Hillbillies x 25

The Thang:

PAX moseyed to the track for ten (10) laps, each separated by 100 reps of the following:

Air Presses, Merkins,  LBC’s, Squats, Big Boys, Dips, Lunges, Flutter Kicks, Air Humpers, and American Hammers

Runners ran and ruckers rucked


Mary was dissed due to lack of time remaining.


Cheese Steak’s VQ @ PF next Saturday, March 17

Squid and NYOPT entered as part of a 4-man relay team for an adventure race next weekend (The Palmetto Swamp Fox Adventure Race) Racers will be required to plot UTM COORDINATES (orienteering) to locate check points while KAYAKING/PADDLING (8 miles), MOUNTAIN BIKING (30-45 miles), and TREKKING (10-15 Miles).  More info at http://www.kandoadventures.com/swamp-fox

Whisper requested prayer for Hulk Smash as he continues recovery

Church Lady asked for prayer for the family of a friend, Jeffrey Breitenfeld who was found inside his St. Louis home, the apparent victim of a homicide.

Church Lady also asked PAX to continue to pray for his friend Roxanne who has been battling stage four pancreatic cancer.

Whisper led in prayer.


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