Disorder in the Courts

  • Workout Date - 06/10/2014
  • Q In Charge - Bunyan
  • The PAX - Hermie, Flay, Semper, Sanchez, Frankenreiter, OSHA, Manziel, Montross, Rocky Top, Squeal (Formerly known as Lucky Charms/ Deliverance), Cork on the Fork, Madolf, Rusty, Bunyan
  • AO -


14 Tankyardians defied the fartsack’s calling this morning and came out for fun on the tennis courts of the Tankyard.  YHC thought I would surprise the PAX with less long distance running this morning (but we still managed to get some running in).


SSH x 30 (IC)

IW x 20 (IC)

Merkins x 10 (IC)

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey around the baseball field to the pain cage:

10 Hipslappers (AKA Fartknockers) IC

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the tennis courts

The Bunyan Snow Angel Pyramid

15 Snow Angels (IC)

6” and Hold

10 Snow Angels (IC)

6” and Hold

5 Snow Angels (IC)

6” and Hold

5’s of Fun – Merkin Style

5 Merkins, 5 Werkins, 5 Diamond Merkins

Sprint to the cones at the middle of the 5 courts – 1 Burpee – sprint back

Repeat 5/5/5 and sprint until 5 Burpees.

Squat Ladder – sprint to the cones-10 air squats, sprint back- 9 air squats down to 1……

LBC Ladder (AKA Rocky Top Ladder)

5 Court Suicides

Bunyan Circle of Death

Circle Up (Wide Circle) – One person sprints around the circle, then the next person, etc while the others perform the following exercises:



Russian Twists

Air Squats


**the circle started wide and amazingly got smaller and smaller with every exercise…Was it already time for Ball of Man??

Line up at the base of the 5 courts quickly #wheredidthetimego:

LBC Pyramid

10 LBC, sprint to the middle of the 5 courts – 20 LBC, sprint to the far side of the courts – 30 LBC, sprint back to the middle  – 20 LBC and sprint back to start – 10 LBC

5 Court Suicides


SSH, Snow Angels, Back Scratchers, LBC (AKA Rocky Tops)


Continued expansion with new workouts, new sites, and Powdersville, Anderson and Greer to come.

Keep the EH up.

GORUcK this Friday.  Pray for the guys participating.

Prayer Requests:

Flay’s friends as they deal with another miscarriage and the decisions that they will have to make moving forward.

Sanchez’s friend who just passed away after a 1 1/2 year battle with cancer.  Pray for his family as they grieve the loss and celebrate his life.

Semper’s dad is going through some difficult things right now.  Pray for strength and peace for his dad.

That’s it.  Great job today guys.

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