Disco is NOT dead

  • Workout Date - 08/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - H&L
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Carl's Jr., Ukillis, GutShot, Gluten, Quaker, Shiner, Duplo, Slug, Flow Rider, Missing, Seal, Boomhower, Quickie, Scandal, Hook and Ladder
  • AO -

16 PAX put on their Superman undies and came out to PowderKeg for what they thought would be another stroll in the park type morning. Only Seal strolls in the park alone but they should have known when YHC came in blasting the BeeGees that today was going to be something special. The newly modified H&L shovel flag was planted and even though there was a slightly snide comment made about it being… well different YHC believed everyone else liked it. Seal is just jealous anyway. Back on subject, the RedPill was brought out and placed in the middle of the circle and the grumbling that ensued concerned those that had never experienced it. Let’s get this party started.

We began with SSH but just as the PAX were getting in the grove, YHC completed the count at 5. You should have seen the looks on their faces, it was epic. Regular SSH was to easy for today’s event so it was decided that we would do smurf jacks instead to a count of 20. We then stretched a little more with some hillbillies and then it was time to swallow the RedPill. Because of his smack talk, Seal was given the pill as the PAX formed a line for weighted indian runs. To keep the lead man at a moderate pace he was handed the pill when he came up from the rear. Half a mile or so later we found ourselves at the block pile. Partner up (size matters) and grab one block for each team. We reconvened back at the flags and here is where mass confusion took over. As usual YHC had difficulty expressing the ideas he had in his head for a new “event”. But just like teaching 4 year olds to kick a soccer ball, they finally got it. The confusion started when they were instructed to find another team to pair up with creating 4 teams of 4. We would then complete a team Dora event which included 200 block curls, 300 tricep block extensions and 400 block presses. Two men were left to start the exercises as the other two proceeded to walk out approximately 20 yards to a marker light and back, one carrying the other. Some opted for firemen carry, some a backpack style and some a weird mix of the two. For the 300 rep exercise, we did a buddy drag to 40 yards and the 400 rep was another man carry this time out to 60 yards and back. The two testosterone driven military guys demonstrated not once but twice how to drop your buddy. Over zealousness causes booboos by the way. This took as long as one would imagine so once we were finished we had to hustle to get to the next event but not before we saluted the fly boys w/ 10 burpees. We then stashed our coupons and came back down the hill to remove two lengths of 6×6’s from YHC’s truck. He tried once again to convey the thoughts in his head which caused some more scratching but we finally got rolling… or lifting. We combined to form two teams of 8 men which then each split up to form two lines facing each other. The first two took the beam and lifted it up and over to the next two. Then the first two bear crawled to the end to catch the beam as it traveled along the group and so on and so forth for 50 or so yards. There may have been one minor injury as YHC accidentally tested the hardness of the beam to Boomhower’s noggin. Sorry about that. We stashed our wood and went back to where it all began for a few MOM. Only one exercise was performed as YHC likes to introduce new things and do it over and over and over. The exercise was something called Glute/Ham Walks. Ready position was an extended air humper and then keeping the core tight we walked our feet out. Easier done than said. Here is a link.
Glute/Ham Walk Out
Everyone then admired the sweat angels we left in the parking lot.


Welcome Scandal from the Raleigh area as he got to see how the Southern boys got things done. He probably thinks we are ALL nuts now.

Michelin 5K this Saturday
F3Dads this Saturday
Pickens launch soon

Posner family sickness
Franklin Whitfield continued recovery
Gluten’s mom continued recovery
Spring breaks child

I almost forgot the 10 burpee penalty YHC incurred for forgetting his age. Oh well it was a chance to show off great form. It’s good to be back in the proverbial saddle again after being on vacation for a week of laziness. We will do it again soon, see you in the gloom.


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