Did This Really Happen…

  • Workout Date - 11/26/2016
  • Q In Charge - Gluten's BDQ
  • The PAX - Quickie, Brown Shorts, Stalker, Youkilis, Honey Dew, Padre[West], BOGO, Clarinet, & YHC, Gluten - WarDaddy
  • AO -

YES. This really happened!


Random events documented in less than a timely fashion may make those who experience them wonder: “Did this really happen?”

  • Was Quickie really present in the gloom of the PowderKeg on YHC’s birthday?
  • Were 2 of 9 PAX “double-downers” on that glorious Rivalry Saturday morning in the gloom?
  • Was there a 10 burpee penalty flyover during the warm-up?
  • Was there a 13 burpee penalty during the warm-up when the cold wind blew the Shovel Flag over onto the ground?
  • Did the 1st letter in the name for each exercise YHC chose for the warm-up really end up spelling C-L-E-M-S-O-N?
  • Did the number of repetitions for each exercise YHC chose for the warm-up when added together really end up equaling 56?
  • Was 56 YHC’s age or a prediction for how many points the T-I-G-E-R-S would score later that evening in the 2016 Palmetto State Football Championship?

YES. This really happened. You should have been there. Here’s how it  went…

  • Crab cakes, 5
  • Lunges, 6 – single count for each leg
  • Erectors, 7
  • Mericans, 8
  • Side Straddle Hop, 9
  • Overhead Claps, 10
  • Neck 180 turns with Shoulder Shrugs on the odd count, 11

Check my math, if you wish. Kotters to Stalker and Honey Dew in town for the Thanksgiving holidays visiting family! It was a fun time for all that included time for some Mosey-round-Marathon to experience Smokin’ Joe Hendrix up and down our famous steps, a coupon-centric Block-O-ramA, 3 or more sequential sets of Ring-O-Fire Mericans that rinse & repeated in both directions, a couple sets of Wall-O-Fire Mericans,  a visit to BB Court bleachers for ELEVENS of dips&derkins and that 1:4 ratio of Mericans to Air Presses all the way up to 5:20 (times two) and back down to 1:4. We left time to get in 6MOM before wrapping up the COT/BOM in the chill and head for warmth of coffeeteria!


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