Devin Hester ain't got nothing on Whisper…

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  • Workout Date - 08/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Church Lady, Bambi, Soccer Mom, Affordable Care Act, Thumper, Whisper, Tedediah, ATM (YHC)
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8 pax resisted the #fartsack on a Saturday morning and we planted the #pitchfork flag at 0600.  BTW – Saturdays at Pitchfork has been changed to 0600 for the last few weeks, but again Cobains to Scuba and Handy Manny (I think that was them) cause they showed at 0700.  We have tried to get the word out on the Tweeter for a while now, but anywho…here is what went down.

Saturdays always seem like a good time to experiment with new workouts and this one was no different.  It’s been said that the #pitchfork guys need more running, so YHC took that to heart for today’s workout.

Warm up – SSH x 27 IC, HB x 20 IC, butt kicks and high knees.  Mosey to the track.

Thang 1 – (Experiment #1) – 1 mile modified Indian run.  Pax begin at a mosey pace, pax at FRONT of line breaks off and performs 15 merkins and then sprints to catch up to back of pack.  Yell GO and the front guy repeato.  We each had a chance to perform the merkin/sprint combo twice during the mile and then had a nice 1/4 lap jail break to the start.

Thang 2 – OYO BLIMPS with laps.  Perform 5 reps each of burpees, lunges each leg, imperial walkers (4 count), merkins, plank jacks (4 count), and squats.  Run 1 lap.  Repeato for 6 total laps. TClaps to Tedediah for basically lapping us – he was the rabbit for sure.  Also, ACA and Soccer Mom finished close behind him.  Front guys pick up the 6 and we all finished the last lap together.

Thang 3 – (Experiment #2) – divide into 2 teams.  One pax from Team 1 has about a 10 yard head start carrying a coupon (thanks to Bambi for leaving the pet rocks earlier this week) and one pax from Team 2 sprints to run them down.  Race was about 40 yards.  This can be improved with a longer sprint and by changing the head start distance.  Losing team after 2 rounds does 25 burpees.  This was a modified Devin Hester and provided some nice interval sprints.  NOTE: Whisper sandbags his speed and could probably carry a telephone pole while sprinting.  (GORUCK?)

We finished right at 0700 so Mary was a bit of stretching back at the flag.  I hope the pax had as much fun as I did this AM.  Most got in about 2.25 miles to go with the pain stations with the rabbits running more.

Prayers – Terri for her pulmonary health, 15 y/o at Mauldin took his own life, Soccer Mom’s test results.

Cya in the gloom next week, always a pleasure.


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