• Workout Date - 12/16/2016
  • Q In Charge - The Crucible Executive Team
  • The PAX - Sushi, No Bars, Boss Hogg, Bob Barker, Wilson, Hootie, Kotter, Weed Wacker, Keanu Sleeves/Freckles/Diago, Amelia, 00, Aflac, Beast Light, Stewie, Some Hard Hat, Padre, Elmer, Noonan, Obama, Spackler, Double Windsor, Road Trip, Soccer Mom, Nature Boy, First Date, Phil Dunphy, Holla, Fartman, Houdini, Crash, Caviar
  • AO -

31 Deuce’n Rabbits tucked their man parts in some tights and lowered the boom on the 2nd annual Dueceable 10K

Gloom Observations – Sushi likes ‘em young.  For those of you who haven’t caught on to his race shenanigans, he recruits war babies #creepyuncle.  Diago and Weed finally stopped playing belly sticks and embraced each other as partners.  Nature Boy’s face is our logo, so he chodes up when he damn well pleases.  Holla & Dunphy are super cute together and taint incredible selfies.  Holla also has naming rights on the Deuceable, so it was nice he was able to fit us into his schedule this year.  Caviar’s grandad, Crash, actually had someone to talk to at coffeeteria and disclosed his discomfort for deucing in the bushes – Crash also kicked ass & finished the course as our war daddy.  Sponge seems to have shed his fratastic look for the tree-loving Seattle coffee shop barista trend.  Obama took advantage of his Affordable Care Act before Trump takes office & got the snip #blanks.  Johnny Football can’t read defenses or maps, so he ran with the #creepyuncle in the wrong direction which cost them the Dueceable 10K championship.  The Hard Hat was jarring loose some remanufactured Tipsy Taco, and Noonan looked terrified in the front seat pulling out the lot.  Jason Seaver is still alive and well, he caught a bunion somewhere on the Deuce track and jetted off like his fleshy fun bridge was being dipped in a foundry #socialchair.    Boss Hogg has been posting like a boss since he started a couple months ago – somebody teach that lad how tweets work.  My partner, the gold-toothed lesbian, played Santa and handed out our badass shirts after tainting home the gold.

Warm up:
Say Titties

The Taint:

Mile 1 (Bottom of Washington walking up) LUNGE WALK SINGLE COUNT X100

Mile 2 (McBee & Main / Ale House) LBCs X200

Mile 3 (Ridgeland & Cleveland) HAND-RELEASE MERKINS X50 

Mile 4 (Cleveland & Boxwood / Methodist Church) BURPEES X40

Mile 5 (Start of Woodland) RUSSIAN TWIST X200

Mile 6 (Bars across from parking lot) PULL-UPS X30


  • Hootie & Houdini
  • Kotter & Amelia
  • Aflac & 00

Another great year comes to a chode, the Deuceable 10K is a nice way to sign off.  It was great to have some others join us from around the region – maybe there could be a summertime competitive jaunt at the Strip?  We can put Wilson’s head on Rosie O’Donnell’s body in front of Platinum Plus for the logo…

Naked Moleskin:

Prayers for Nature’s mother in law – kidney failure & in intensive care

No Bars high school friend just found out they’ve got Colon Cancer,

Cavier needs a couple more for the Smoke Relay


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