Destruction of The Leatherneck — The 2014 Spring Mud Run

  • Workout Date - 03/23/2023
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500 men of F3 Nation descended upon the leatherneck course in Gaston South Carolina on Saturday for the running of the Ultimate Challenge Mud Run, the Super Bowl of F3. The busses unloaded and a wave of humanity made its way to the F3 tent, planting more than 50 shovel flags and claiming this ground as ours. When the final results were posted, the domination was apparent and the largest gathering in the history of F3 was complete.

The Thang

1st F:
The Ultimate Challenge Mud Run — +/- 6.2 muddy miles of trails, hills, creeks, rivers, and 36 shin-busting obstacles to overcome as a team — did not disappoint.  A few surprises this year, mainly a new course design that was virtually backwards from past years. Marines at every obstacle ensured proper attempts and completion. Congratulations and huge T-Claps to Team South Beach for killing the course as the overall Mud Run winner and taking home the Busted Paw as the top F3 team. I’ve heard the beer tastes better when consumed from the Paw. #WillNeverKnow

Official Results:

Feel free to make updates and comments on Fountainhead’s Wiki Mud regarding obstacles and strategy:

2nd F:
For the first time at this event, F3 had a central tent for gathering, complete with a 30′ flagpole flying F3 colors for all to see and envy. 50+ shovel flags flanked the tent, providing a fantastic backdrop for handshakes and first bumps as pax from different regions reunited. Many of us know each other from only from Twitter and backblasts, and it’s interesting to put a face and a voice with a nickname.

The biggest hit of the tent was “The Beer Boat,” a Jon boat loaded down with beer, Gatorade, soft drinks, and water — all courtesy of hosts F3Columbia as a welcome to the Midlands of South Carolina. #Hospitality

Group photos from all regions were taken, including a reluctant Metro.

3rd F:
Purpose greater than oneself is not always easy to find and understand, but the Nation responded to a particular call in spectacular fashion. Operation Enduring Warrior supports wounded veterans as they reintegrate into life after battle. They encourage teamwork and overcoming barriers by training and competing with honorees in obstacles races. On Saturday, F3 Nation presented a check to Enduring Warrior for $6,214.50 to assist them in furthering their mission. Thank you, pax, for amazing generosity.

The highlight of the morning came just before race launch when we were visited by the athletes and honorees from Enduring Warrior who joined our Ball of Man where Dredd led a rousing prayer. “Can I get an Amen!”


  • TClaps and a huge thank you to Mud Run QIC Sean “Robber” Rankin who blew it out of the water. Months of planning culminated in a great event with no noticable glitches.
  • More TClaps to the Regional Qs who conducted time trials, arranged transportation, and  wrangled their own pax and the ever-changing team makeups:NoCo: “Entourage” Chris Grenier
    Metro: “Gandalf” Daniel Merlin
    Area 51: “Stagecoach” TJ Zitney
    Raleigh/Durham: “Adolphus” Alexander Miller
    Swamp Rabbit: “Pledge” Tyler Smith
    Columbia: “Chaser” Jason Reynolds
  • Photographers: Thank you to “No Show” Mitch Kelly for coordinating a team of F3-specific photographers (Chris McDonald, Tripp Davis, Brian Dexter) to document the day. All photos will be uploaded to Dropbox and made available to all pax.
  • Volunteers: Columbia pax and family members stepped up huge.  “Crawlspace  ” Roy Williamson, “Socrates” Marty McLellan, “Duphresne” Gene Brinson and a host of 2.0s, dads, and others. Thank you for manning “The Boat,” distributing Tshirts, collecting donation money, and for helping set up and tear down the base of operations.
  • Thanks to “Cheesy” Rutledge Davies, “Jingles” Wes Donahue and “Low Dot” Robert Harris for coordinating the beer boat, and to “Napalm” Kevin Grindstaff, Chaser, and “SubPrime” Mark Tibshrany for collecting beverage donations from the Columbia pax. Thank you to “Tuff Guy” Gary Geiger for the F3-branded water. #NiceTouch
  • For the record, of 35 cases of beer, 15 cases of water, and 10 assorted cases of soft drinks, only 4 bottles of water got left in the boat.
  • Thanks to Chaser for acquiring and delivering the trailer and to “Smokey” Jonathan Calore for the bullhorn.
  • Thank you to “Fountainhead” John Powell for designing and implementing the “big check” for the donation.
  • Finally, a sincere thank you and huge TClaps go out to all of you — the men of F3 Nation — who worked to build this organization before Columbia expansion was even a thought. Without you, we would not have been blessed with this opportunity we all needed, even though we didn’t know it. We are eternally grateful.

 UPDATE: Event Photos Now Available

Below are links to Dropbox files with Mud Run photos. Mitch “No Show” Kelly and his crew of volunteer photographers knocked it out of the park. He has divided the shots into seven different areas. Because these pics came from several different cameras, they are not specifically organized by time or bib number so you’ll just have to look through them and copy what you want. They are free with no watermark!

1st F:

2nd F:

3rd F:

Mud Run Setup:

Operation Enduring Warrior:

Mud Run – Misc. (Contains a little of it all, and some duplicates):

Additionally, here is the link to All American Images and the official Mud Run photos. These have a watermark and will cost you for prints:

Enjoy the photos, and Thank You, Mitch and crew, for documenting this historic gathering of F3 men!

12 thoughts on “Destruction of The Leatherneck — The 2014 Spring Mud Run”

  1. Great work to all the Q’s. Special thanks to Entorage from NoCo. No hitches (other than the 3rd bus). Enjoyed the 2nd F with the entire #Nation. I had a couple ask me who/what we were and after telling them the abridged story the were amazed at our growth and what we do for male leadership. #F3Proud

  2. What an amazing experience with the Men of F3! Proving once again that there is strength in numbers and men wanting their purpose to be more than just a spectator.
    I am very proud and thankful to be a part of F3 Nation. Aye!! #F3Strong

    And what better way to bond than with 40 PAX taking a “shower” under a PVC pipe dripping with freezing cold water while sharing a community bar of Irish Spring! #PAYING$10NEXTYEAR

    1. Amen! Great day all around, from the chance to help OEW to the amazing fellowship. First time for my team – we didn’t finish quickly, but we finished with our brothers….and best of all for me personally, I finished carrying my son. Thank you, F3 Nation!

  3. Reverend Flo-rida

    best part of mud run is watching guys help eachother over the obstalces like the wall. Give up your teams time /finish spot in order to help the giys behind/next to you. Thats what “I am third” is all about.

    1. Couldn’t agree more…when we approached 8-10 foot wall and realized there was no way you could get up on your own, it was amazing watching my F3 brethren helping each other out..same could be said at rope ladder obstacle and the long stroll through shin bustin’ creek.. #IAM3rd was ever present that day…

  4. +1 for everything that has been said thus far. What an amazing event and what a perfect snapshot of what this movement is all about. I had incredibly high hopes and expectations for this, and they were each blown away one by one. Thanks to all that put it together. It was perfect.

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