Des Ja Vu- and merlot two!

  • Workout Date - 02/22/2016
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Uber, The Hardhat, Floppy, FNG-Justin Huff (Mini Van), Longbottom
  • AO -

I had planned a triple Dora for my last two Q’s, but the #’s and the # of FNG’s have made me modify to a workout that i have used in my last 3 Q’s.  Talk about creativity, right?

Warm up

lots of motion to get the blood moving and the muscles warm. Also time talk about F3 and throw in the disclaimer for the FNG.  Floppy was getting board and cranky because he was starving for the pain!  Don’t worry it is coming no matter how slow we start.

SSH, Predator Jacks, SuperStars, Arm Circles, Slow merkins, Lbc’s, and burpees that was about it.

The Thang

Mosey to the Block pile and pick your cement partner

head back to the parking lot under the overhang.

Circle up for some pain.

10 burpees

Modified Jack webb 1 to 4 …. 10 to 40 (block merkins and bock curls)

Lt. Dan 1 to 4 … 10 to 40 (squats and lunges)

We alternated between JW and LD and mixed in 40 more burpees and 2 core breaks

Core Break- LBC, Erector medley, Flutters, Dolly medley, Big boy sit-ups

Mosey back to return block to their home

one lap around AUMC and finish in top parking lot

Circle up in top parking lot

Squats IC x 20

SSH x 30 IC

20 Big Boy sit ups OYO

20 x heels to heaven IC

25 x LBC’s IC


Nice to see our new father (floppy) out again.  It is time to get the Fart Sacking Gate regulars back out in the gloom.  FNG- MiniVan held up well for a tough first w/o.  He got a little wobbly legged and had to go have a prayer with the demon rumbling inside.  But he made a statement in COT that makes me think this guy will be getting after it in a “big way soon”,  “Push oil you hit the wall and then craw to the end”!!  Do not stop going! Great attitude


Mini Van and his move this week.  Prayers for Hard hats Uncle.  Prayers for YHC’s G-mama.  Also for my double down run at lunch today.  I have six miler planned and after a the leg destruction today I will be walking like Fred Sanford tomorrow.


As alway it was an honor to lead and to follow you gents!


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