Delayed Snotwoggler

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Bartman, Earthmover, Geddis, The Big Short, Wilson, NSA, Blue Hawaii, Ahhnold, O-Ring, Amelia, Slap Chop, Iceman
  • AO -

A #dirtydozen planted the #Shovelflag at #theBurbs for #GetMovinMonday. And it was a memorable one…..

The Thang

SSH x15 Just so we can say we had a warmup #redtape

Mosey to the pullup bars

10 pullups
5 one legged burpees (ea leg)
20 American Hammers

Mosey to get a block and head to the lower field. #notallbricksaremadealike #sizedoesmatter

Once to the lower field I explain to the PAX that we’ll be doing 4 corners w/ blocks (carrying your block to each corner)
C1 – squats
C2 – hand release derkins #crowdpleaser
C3 – flutters (DC) w/ brick over head
C4 – curls
Mosey to the middle for 5 manmakers, then back to C1

Round 1 – 15 reps at each corner
Round 2 – 20 reps
Round 3 – 15 reps
Round 4 – 15 reps

Mosey back to return your brick, then back to the pull up bars
10 pullups
5 one legged burpees (ea leg)
20 American Hammers

Mosey back to the parking lot for 5MOM
Freddy mercury x10 (sloooow count)
Squats x10 (hold for 3 count at the bottom)
Larry Craig x10 (hold for 3 count at the bottom)
Lbc x12 (legs out at 45*)

Naked Moleskin
– If this workout looks familiar it’s because I completely plagiarized @SlapChop’s workout from a couple weeks back #WithaFewTweaks
– #Tclaps to the guys carrying the XL bricks
– After 3 years I finally found @Bartman’s #kryptonite — hand release derkins #success
– That was a tough workout but really felt the impact about 45-60mins afterwards #delayedsnotwoggler
– You #Station boys better be ready cause I’ll be bringing this exact workout to you very soon……
– @BlueHawaii #mumblechattermachine was hyped up this morning #goodtohaveyouback
– We had 47 at #Legacy this past Sat for #F3Dads (28 FNG’s). The next #F3Dads will be 6/18 at #Legacy
– #TheBurbs will be hosting the Memorial Day Convergence. #spreadtheword
– Dirt-A-Lope is 6/11 at Conestee Park #FromTheMindofFlay #Number1Weirdo
– Tclaps to @Wilson, @BlueHawaii and @Longbottom for completing the 50k this past weekend
– Convergence (with Fort Mill / Rock Hill) at #StarCommand on 7/23 for Padre

– Continued prayers for @Caliendo
– Prayers for @Sherpa in Kathmandu to keep up the great work
– Several unspoken prayers

See ya in the gloom…..


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