Dejá vu

  • Workout Date - 08/15/2016
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Carl's Jr, Gluten, T-Bag, Lincoln Log, Abacus, Danielle Steele, Quickie, RedWire, DuPlo, Boomhauer, SEAL, Tiny Dancer, Keystone, Whoopee, Mr Burns, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

I had already planned on Qing Monday but after a long weekend at church and being sick most of Sunday, my brain was tired. I’ll just rehash Saturday’s workout. Only one person was there. Maybe he won’t remember..??


SSH, MC, IW x20. Some late comers. Hate for them to miss SSH. 10 more!

Mosey the long way to the bottom of the steps. SEAL chimes in. “This looks familiar.!?” Yep! My brain was preoccupied this weekend. Let’s rehash Saturdays workout.

Joe Hendrix 3 levels of steps. Bunny hop in between. Plank at top.

Jack Webb 1:4 – 7:28

Mosey to bottom of the stairs.

Joe Hendrix. Lunge walk in between.

Dan Taylor 1:4 – 7:28

Mosey to the grass. Captain Thor. 1 big boy sit-up: 4 American Hammers up to 7:28.

Mosey to bottom of the steps.

Joe Hendrix. Crab walk between.

Finish Jack Webb. 8,9,10.

Jailbreak to the flag. In the grass finish Captain Thor 8,9,10:40


Flutters, LBC, Reverse LBC, Plankorama

A- Michelin 5k, Spring water 5k, Midnight Flight, Hyco 5k. SOS Tuesday, Hurricane Alley Wednesday.

P- Quickie and TBag both have sisters battling cancer. Danielle Steele moving to Augusta area for a new job and wedding coming up. Praise for Stephen Splawn who preached at TPC Sunday. God is on the mountains and in the valley. The good and the bad times.

Brown Shorts

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  1. Nothing wrong with a little rinse and repeat. Even if it was an entire workout!
    To be fair, it had some slight changes from the original. It seems you’re picking up nasty habits from the engineers in our AO. #ReverseEngineering #AKA #LazyEngineering

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