Deep dish o' fun

  • Workout Date - 09/22/2014
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Big D, Macho Man, FNG Thomas Lafoy (Tricycle) , Donut, Sadiq, Little Red Riding Hood
  • AO -

It all started last Monday when YHC thought it’d be cool to go check out the Tower of Terror and bring an FNG.  There were #ghettoblasters, squats, manmankers…all sorts of fun.  Macho Man asked if I’d be willing to Q the next time around and I blindly agreed forgetting that I’d be attending a bachelor party in Chicago the weekend prior.  Macho came prepared to cover for a hung-over & Fartsacked Spongebob.  No way Macho…I couldn’t do that to you, or the 5 other brave souls who left their worries behind and got the week off to a healthy start at the tower (I know, I know…I’m rambling)

BTW – One of the major motivations I had to get out in the gloom is because my weekend menu consisted of the following:
1) Pizza (regular style, but slices were about twice the size of Sbarro)
2) Chicago style foot-long (tomatoes, onions, peppers, all-beef)
3) Chicago-style pizza (basically imagine a large apple pie…except, replace apple filling with cheese/mushrooms and put a layer of pizza sauce on top)
4) Lucky’s sandwich – which has been featured on Man Vs. Food (has fries and cole slaw on the sandwich)
5) A number of adult beverages from 3 Floyds Brewery – hidden gem in Munsie, Indiana
6) A number of adult beverages from Goose Island Brewery

When I got home…I needed a vegetable


SSH X 25
IW X 20
Merkins X 10
Mtn Climbers X 20

Mosey down the road to Simpsonville First Baptist Parking lot

The Thang
*Eerily enough, Simpsonville has no stairs.  As a Maulin grad, I attribute it to Hillcrest students inability to coordinate themselves up the stairs #biggerrivalrythanclemsonvsusc

Bear crawl 2 spots
Run back
5 Burpees
Bear crawl 4 spots
Run back
5 Burpees
Bear crawl 6 spots
Run back
5 Burpees
Bear crawl to planter
Run back
5 Burpees

Replace Bear crawl with Duck walk #crowdpleaser
Replace Burpees with Air Squats

Straight up…all out….balls to the wall…get movin….gotta run fast to run fast….sprinting suicide

Russian Twists X 20
Plank-o-rama (FNG had surgery on his buttocks so we tried to avoid sitting exercises…SOMETHING BIT ME!!!)

Mosey down to sunset park shelter

11’s on the pic-a-nic benches Derkins/Dips

Then introduce everyone to Bulgarian Split Squats
10 X left
10 X right
10 X normal Airsquats to even things out

Mosey back to Fire station
20 X Russian twists
…some other exercise I don’t remember

Mosey back to Tower for Mary

Dead Cockroaches X 30
Hold Plank…up and down from elbows X 5

Naked Moleskin
– I’ve had a lot of fun at the Tower the past 2 times…everyone should make a stop by there at some point.  Simpsonville is extremely pretty and this AO gets to show it off.  They just need a building that has some stairs.
– Welcome Tricycle!  He got his name because he is the 3rd and loves Motorcycles.  However, we heavily debated calling him Chris Daughtry #lookalike.
– F3 Anderson launches 10/18…get names.  GET NAMES.  GEEEETTTTT NNNAAAMMMMEEEESSS to
– Prayers for Macho man’s family, especially his dad, who has the advanced stages of Parkinson’s.
– Prayers for FNG Tricycle who is passionate about finding a church around Greenville that speaks to him and that he can call home
– Prayers for Erector and Spicoli
– Prayers for all of our brothers who suffer in silence

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