• Workout Date - 04/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - Radar
  • The PAX - 00, Cockroach, Oui Oui, Golden sombrero, Footloose, Wilson, NSA, Zip it, Plato, Mr. Cotter, Holla, Blue Hawaii, Stewart Smally, Ahhhhhhhhnold, Pledge, Flay, Earthmover, Radar
  • AO -

After a weekend of eating more Easter candy and food than I care to admit, I almost had an accidental fartsack.  I came in on 2 wheels at 05:29.45 for some Get Movin’ Monday.

There was some chatter as to who the Mystery Q would be this morning, but Golden made the realization as I unfurled my double-flag of freedom.  I tossed a deck of cards to Blue Hawaii for a shuffle, and everyone knew what was coming.  It was later determined that shuffling properly is not a skill that he has mastered,  though it served my purpose quite well.

Prisoner Squats X 10 IC
Merkins X 10 IC (No Radar Style on these, as I knew what was awaiting the pax)

The Thang
Stay right where you are for the Deck ‘o Death

Hearts = Merkins
Diamonds = What else, Diamond Merkins
Spades = Sumo Squats
Clubs = 4-Count Flutter Kicks

Flip a card and perform the # shown for each exercise (J=11, Q=12, K=13)
But what about Aces?  Funny you should ask…
A=Jailbreak around MRPC #crowdpleaser

There was mention of incorporating Joe Hendricks into the Deck-o’-Death (Jokers perhaps).  Trust me, I have given this much consideration (the Joker – Joe Hendricks correlation is near perfection) and as soon as I figure it out…

Oh, but look!  We have some time left for a couple of rounds of Joseph H. Hendricks III.  Neat!

Those new to The Burbs were excited to learn how Joe’s older, more sophisticated brother gets down.

After 2 rounds we plank up and jailbreak to the circle for Mary.  00 kicked in his afterburners (fueled by Taco Bell and Little Caesar’s).  I’m not sure what’s worse, being behind him this morning or the pollen.  I need to get faster…

Leg-Throw Dolly’s X 20
Plank Shoulder Touches X 15

Totals: 200 Merkins, 180 Flutters, 110 Squats, over 1 mile of running

Great job by all!

Sign up for The Jackalope.  Even if you don’t want to run, there are plenty of options to help out.  – order your t-shirts and patch.

The Burbs are still collecting $$ for pull up bars.  any donations will be appreciated.

Prayers for Footloose – healing for his shoulder/neck

Prayers for Flay’s mother-in-law



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