Deck of Death Tour De Pitchfork

  • Workout Date - 08/02/2016
  • Q In Charge - Dr. Phil
  • The PAX - Short Barrel, Road Trip, Pine Tar, Sammy, Whisper (Respect!), Hulk Smash (Respect!), Mint Julip, My Little Brony, M.O.
  • AO -

10 PAX gathered in the gloom for a tour of #Pitchfork and a card game in hopes of avoiding the dreaded JOKER (Joe Hendricks). On one hand, the joker stayed buried, so no backward bear crawls up the hill. On the other hand, hearts came out of the deck like it was Valentine’s Day…… with no love from this crowd for the continuous burpees.

TClaps to Mint Julip for continuing to push through a calf injury and post. He could use this as an excuse to settle into the fartsack or simply workout on his own, but he understands the value of the 2nd F, so joins in and modifies as needed. Great work!!!

Warm Up

SSH X 20

Arm Circles Front X 10

Arm Circles Back X 10

Windmill  15


The Thang

Deck of Death Concept:

Hearts – Burpees

Spades – Jump Squats

Diamonds – Diamond Merkins

Clubs – Mountain Climbers

Joker – Joe Hendricks


4 sets of suicides drawing a card between sets

4 sets of steps ups (60 seconds each) drawing a card between sets

4 sets of 4 backward hills drawing a card between sets


Mosey back to the flag


Wheel of Merkins X 2 sets….7 merkins at each position



Tempo LBC’s X 20



-Bondo’s graduation on Tuesday night

-Celebrations of small victories in Hulk’s business, which led to a discussion around the impact we can have on others via an occasional handwritten note.

-Short Barrel’s house is up for sale…prayers for a contract

-Several M’s in later stages of pregnancy

-Baby Berkley born at 25 weeks and fighting to survive through numerous complications


Gentlemen, it’s an honor to grind alongside you, much less lead you through the process on occasion. Thanks for your hard work and for pushing me to be better!!




Dr. Phil

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