Deck of Death brings the boys to the yard

  • Workout Date - 08/13/2015
  • Q In Charge - Look Out Below
  • The PAX - Bambi, Brave Little Toaster (BLT), Hooch, Sticky, Pretty Loving Guy, Soft Serve w/ Sprinkles, Jedidiah, Sammy, Elmer, Hulk Smash, ATM, Sushi, 3rd Base, The Situation, Soccer Mom, Macho Man, Cool Breeze, Look Out Below
  • AO -

18 PAX descended upon the Tower of Terror for a full body beating courtesy of YHC.  There was a SLIGHT chill to the air that made me think, maybe, just maybe fall is on the way.

Warm Up:

SSH x 20 – IC

Merkins x 16 – IC

IW x 20 – IC

Let’s Roll!  Mosey right across the street and spread out/circle up for the ole Deck of Death.  Funny, how Affordable Care Act put the idea in my head to do another DOD and then promptly fartsacked.  I see your strategy and I have to respect it.

Hearts – Burpees

Diamonds – Merkins

Clubs – Lunges

Spades – Squats

Number cards, obviously correspond to the number of reps.  Jacks were 11, Queens were 12, Kings were 13 and Aces were 14.  I thought about increasing that, but selfishly YHC and 3rd Base rucked up for this one so I decided to not kill us.  After 10 cards, we took a lap around the shopping center.  I know I for one struggled to keep pace with the PAX.  These guys were tearing it up.  I will be upping the reps next time for sure.  We made it through 4 rounds of cards and laps.  Sushi told me we ran about 1.5 miles total.


Oblique -ups – 10 each side IC

LBC 2.0  x 20 – IC

20 Big boy sit ups – OYO

Announcements / COT / BOM

Michelin 5K – this Saturday, 8/15 – Sushi may still be looking PAX to fill out the Golden Strip team

Prayers for Elmer training for a 50K run – Good luck!

Prayers for Hooch – still waiting to hear back on the job

Prayers for kids/teachers returning to school

It was an honor to Q today.  I’m pretty sure 18 is a record at TOT!

See you guys in the gloom,

Look Out Below



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  1. Affordable Care Act

    Just catching up with a little light reading. I did feel bad… for about 10 seconds. Then I started painting another room in our new house. My apologies. Diamonds and Hearts are Burpees for me next Deck of Death….

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