Debbie does Deck o' Death

  • Workout Date - 03/19/2016
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Iceman, Big D, White Walker, LBP, Squintz, Bagman, Earthmover, Dunphey, Soulplane, Homeward Bound
  • AO -

Friday night, Iceman calls out for HC’s to Legacy Saturday morning.  My assumption:  Iceman has Q.
6:59:  Iceman looks at YHC and asks if I’m Q’ing.  Well, well, well, well, well…good thing I had both the Ghettoblaster and a deck of cards in the car.  Let’s do this!!!

Warm Up
SSH X 20
Debbie’s X 15
IW X 15
Superman Merkins X 10 – which YHC screwed up how to do a 4-count on these because the techno music was making me want to fist bump like a Jersey Beach Vacation.

The Thang
You know how this works…cards tell you how many, and what exercise
Hearts = Burpees
Diamonds = Hand release Merkins
Spades = Squats
Clubs = Debbie’s…that’s right, these got their grand introduction to legacy and nobody was disappointed…not even those who were driving by and got to see a bunch of grown men sticking butt’s in the air to open their sphincters.

Every 5 cards requires a run up the hill; last 2 were backwards run up halfway, then run the rest (Ice’s suggestion, not mine.  That’s his wheel house and he was motivated to DOMINATE)

Peter Parker’s X 20
Russian Twists X 15
Backwards Crunches X 12
Jacque Cousteaus X 10

Naked Moleskin
– I swear I had more ‘non-techno’ music on the playlist, but Earthmover made it known that his demographic did not meet the music.  What can I say, Les Mills and Zumba knows how to pick a playlist that gets the party going.
– Bag man has one speed and its FAST.  Dude was crushing it up and down the hill
– Village Wrench event “Village Pillage” happening Thursday 3/24.  Bring any gently used cycling gear and bikes to Caviar at the event or at Main Thang Tuesday/Gideon’s House Wednesday.  Even if you don’t have the gear, show up to OOBE HQ on 3/24 at 6-8.  Will be family friendly fun event.
– Prayers for Officer Allen Jacobs, his family and Friends, and all of our first responders.  Big D had some major words for this that created an amazingly somber moment.  Got me all sorts of messed up during BOM.  These men and women go way above and beyond to keep us safe day/night.  Make sure to thank them….

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