Death by Merkins

  • Workout Date - 10/19/2015
  • Q In Charge - Third Base
  • The PAX - The Whisperer, The Situation, Macho Man, Bambi, ATM, Soccer Mom, Sushi, Thumper, Butter Bean, Beanstalk and YHC.
  • AO -

Temp: 38 chilling degrees!

YHC was happy to see that 10 of my brothers decided to join me in the gloom this morning for a Ruck friendly workout or so I thought. #YoEleven

Warm Ups
Took a quick mosey stroll from Stop sign to Stop sign to get the heart pumping and to start the warm up process.
30 x IW
20 x Windmills

The Thang
Round 1 (R.U.C.K)
PAX1: 50 x BBS PAX2: Ranger Merkins (a.k.a Military Merkins) x 25
PAX1: 100 x LBC PAX2: Uchi Matakins* (a.k.a Scorpion Push ups not in lexicon) x 24
*To do these on your way down lift right leg up like a scorpion, repeat with left leg until desired reps reached.
PAX1: 150 x flutters (2 count) PAX2: Cork Screw Merkins* (another one not in lexicon) x 25
*Push up position with knees bent (almost bear crawl position) as you go down rotate knees to left, repeat with rotating knees to right.
PAX1: 50 x Dying Cockroach PAX2: Knerkins (a.k.a Chuck Norris Push ups) x 25

Sushi and Thumper finished first continued doing situps then decided to do some laps, rest of PAXs followed

Round 2 (T.A.R.D)
PAX1: 50 x Lungers: Twerkins (a.k.a Dive Bombers) x 20
PAX1: 100 x Squats PAX2: Aligator Merkins* (did not see this one in lexicon either) x 20
*Like normal push except hands rotated inward like an Aligator, can add forward movement but we kept them stationary for today.
PAX1: 150 x Imperial Squat Walkers (single count): Ranger Merkins (a.k.a Military Merkins) x 20
PAX1: 200 x Tip Toe Lunges (a.k.a Sneaky Lunges) PAX2: Derkins x 20

Again Sushi and Thumper were on point only group to get to the last exercise. We had to stop short wanted to get a few minutes of Mary in.

Loosened up arms and chest by doing some arm circles big and small
Wrapped up Mary with 11 V-up Roll-Up Sit-Ups

Double Check VQ at Golden Strip tomorrow and Thumper has Q tomorrow at Pitchfork.
Prayers for all teams of F3 running in Mud Run this weekend.
Prayer requests I missed and those unspoken.

There was a request made by ATM to not have any Merkins tomorrow at Pitchfork

Not a whole lot of running, but it was warming to have a good turn out despite the cold temps this AM. Thank you brothers for showing up, its always a pleasure.

Later Days!
Third Base

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