Death by High Knees

  • Workout Date - 06/30/2017
  • Q In Charge - Beanie Weenie
  • The PAX - Partner, Skid Marks, Andrew Labrissi (FNG), Pebbles, Half Nelson, Fender Bender, BOGO, Fargo, Al Borland, Clarinet, Karaoke, 12th man, Stable Boy, Water Boy, Beanie Weenie (YHC)
  • AO -

15 Pax showed up on this final day of June, after two previous beatdowns, to finish the week strong.


SSH IC x 20

Imperial Walker IC x 20

Windmill IC x 20

Hillbillies IC x 20

Monkey Humpers IC x 20


The Thang:

Mosey x 2 Laps (Grab Blocks when Finished)

Curl Press OYO x 20

Block Swings OYO x 20

Diamond Merkins on Block OYO x 20

Block Hops Side to Side x 30 Seconds

Over Head Press OYO x 20

Tricep Extensions OYO x 20

Mosey x 2 Laps

Put Blocks Away



High Knees

Dive Bombers

High Knees

Pistol Squats

High Knees

Mountain Climbers

(4 Rounds, 30 Seconds each, 10 seconds rest between each exercise)



Announcements:  Tuesday, July 4 Convergence in Greenville(Main Thing), Wednesday July 5 1 year celebration,  July 8 at 8 F3 Dads at Powder Keg,

Prayer Requests:  Water’s Boy’s Dad


Hebrews 11

What kind of legacy do we want to lead?  How do we respond in the face of adversity.  As Christians, we are not promised a trouble-free life but we do have our faith and God’s promise to us in troubling times.  My prayer is that my responses to difficulties reflect my faith and not my circumstances.

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