Dealers Choice

  • Workout Date - 01/16/2016
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Alfredo, Stunner, NSA, and Perry Mason
  • AO -

YHC and Perry Mason continued our Saturday morning pre run from Ascot to #TheStation! The gloom looked quiet upon our arrival so we just kept running. Thankfully before the bell rung NSA and ALFREDO #clowncared in! Stunner came to join in the fun as well. Since no one signed up YHC decided to take the q on the fly!

Ssh ic X 20
MC ic X 15
IW ic X 15

The thang

The pax and YHC moseyed over to the island! YHC thought since we have no cards we will just do a little Dealers Choice.

5 Pax
5 Rounds
5 Dealers Choice exercises
After each round sprint around the speedway!
Exercises where 10 Reps and consisted of
Jump squats
Freddie Mercurys IC
Diamond Merkins

Once the Pax completed 5 rounds we decide to mosey and visit Joe our misunderstood friend that resides mainly at #Theburbs. Curb planks for some cha cha slide. The pax where not impressed with YHCs choreography…oh well let’s mosey to the amphitheater for 7s. Indian Run and a train came before 7s.

Perry wanted Smurpees so we had to give the pax what they wanted

7 burpees at the bottom
1 smurf jack at the top and u know the rest #ALFREDO IS GETTING STRONGER!! He put some Parmesan REGGIANO ON That DISH THIS MORNING FO SHO! #NSA does not understand my #sumterisims #imboutdatlife

With still some more Time on the board YHC led the pax in an escalator
10 Merkins box jump
10 Merkins 20 lbcs box jump
10 Merkins 20 LBCS 30 squats box jump
10 Merkins 20 LBCS 30 squats 40 fludders box jump
10 Merkins 20 LBCS 30 squats 40 fludders 50 dips box jump

3 MoM
Consisted of 3 full minutes of blue Hawaii dilirium #BIGBOYZ #BIGGIRLS #BIGBIG


Good work from all the Pax today especially Stunner! It doesn’t get easier but you get better stick with it buddy!


-drifter feb 6th sign up it will be fun…
Thank you for your prayers for Duncan he’s turning the corner.
Pray for Lauren Perrys Daughter who is having a mole removed soon.
Pray for the Moore family who lost there son Nathan this week.
Prayer for all injuries and pax that where not in attendance.

It is and was a pleasure to lead such great men in the Gloom!

Bye Felicia

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