Dead in the Alley

  • Workout Date - 10/31/2016
  • Q In Charge - Fargo
  • The PAX - Whittle, Al Borland, Clarinet, Negative, Abicus, BOGO, Partner, Water Boy, Beanie Weeny, Francis, Mr. Belding, Quacker, 12th Man,
  • AO -

Once amid the morning dreary, while I nodded weak and weary, 13 pax arrived at the Alley. I spent the night under the bleachers, still wearing my engineering suit. When I came out to join the group some of the pax mistook me for a walking dead. So I had to show that I was still living (but strangly hungry for brains).

Warm Up




Monster walk

Frankenstein walk

The Thang

Time for a quick game of Crab Zombie tag. I reminded the pax that f3 men live to do burpies (can I get an amen Padra). So they were to do burpies in sets of 10, then they could move to a new location to do another set of 10. But once they started the 10 set they had to stay in that spot until they finished. The problem was that there might be a zombie around that could tag a living pax while he was busy enjoying his burpie time. If he was tagged he and the zombie did 10 merkins then both went off to zombie tag someone else. I recall Al Borland doing a dramatic final burpie, just a split second before zombie Whittle reached him. At the end it was BOGO that was the last standing.

We then had time for a Dora with 100X merkins, 200x lbcs and 300 air presses.

Closed it with Mary time that included Guantanamo. These were fun imho.


Hope run

Irreverent Warrier walk


T-Bag’s sister with cancer

Injuries of several pax

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