Day late and a dollar short!

  • Workout Date - 08/01/2019
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - No Show, Priscilla, Butterbean, Atari, Cockpit
  • AO - Graceland

6 slow rolled into the parking lot @ Graceland to see what Dangle had in store. No need to pre-run when you get beat down in the workout. Who wants to be a professional at exercising??

Mission statement: Since I started late this was belted out like an auctioneer!

Disclaimer: Do the work.

Warm up:

SSH x 30

HB x 25

Mtn. Climbers x 25

Choppin Wood x 15

Mosey the long way to the short hill for some 7’s

BBSU in the parking lot, backwards up the hill for some SQUATS.

Mosey to the tire and grab some blocks!

The Thang: That tire has been neglected!

Round 1: With 6 PAX on hand we partnered up!

**Timer: 2 PAX farmers carry two blocks for two light poles and back.

2 PAX flip the big ole tire AMRAP

2 PAX do curls AMRAP


Mosey round the block…. you’re welcome Butterbean! Move till you smell Bo-Berry biscuits and stop for some…..

30 Flutters IC


Finish your Mosey back to the tire.

**Timer: 2 PAX knock out 30 dips on the tire

2 PAX shoulder press for AMRAP

2 PAX tri-cep extension AMRAP


Mosey round the block….Look at that raised sidewalk. This would be a great place for………

NACHO CHESTO (left hand on the sidewalk x10, both hands x10, right hand x10, feet x10 and diamond!

Finish that Mosey to the tire.

Thanks to FIA we grumbled, and I mean grumbled through some PAINCAKES x15!

Time to clean up!


25 Bicycles

25 Bicycles backwards

25 Oblique V-Up L/R

Butterbean grumbled at the lack of Mericans..

MUCHO CHESTO (regular x10, wide x10, right hand forward x10, left hand forward x10, diamond x10)

Squid inspired TOT Yoga to end the morning.

Announcements: ReEngage is still open @GraceChurch for you and the M. Get after your marriage like you do the workouts!



Praise.. had to be on site because no one else has been told? Guess you had to show up!


No Show and travel dates for adoption!

Priscillas mini me has surgery in 2 weeks. Stress starts early with the parents and lil one!

Prayers up men! As always it’s a pleasure and privilege to lead. Keep up the work and SYITG!


Lt. Dangle

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