Dawn Patrol Is Awesome

  • Workout Date - 01/16/2016
  • Q In Charge - THE Hard Hat
  • The PAX - Squints, Wee Man, & THE Hard Hat
  • AO -

Pulled in ready to get some toxins out my body. Squints and Wee Man decided to join. As usual I did not plan out the Q because I did not know I was Qing.


SSH IC and then we ran around the park stopping along the way for more fun stuff that I can’t remember.

The Thang

Stopped at low wall for dips

Stopped at YMCA. Squints commented that it was never open. Somebody must water the fern.

10 Man-ups and then 20 of a core excersise. Did this 4 or 5 time alternating the core.

Moved over to pavilion so Squints could lead us thru some picnic table fun. Derkins, presses, and curls

Continued to Playground – 3 Pain stations – 10 pull ups, 10 box jumps and 10 swerkins. Went thru this a couple of times.

Back down to the pond. Time for 11’s.

10 Burpees then run to top of steps and 1 SSH.

Time for another 11’s. 10 dollies then run to top of grass hill for 1 workin.

Out of time. Talked on the run back to the parking lot and prayed.

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