Dawn-cha you wish you posted here???

  • Workout Date - 01/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Beavis, Montross, Hitman, Rocky Top, Mr. Winslow, Sanchez, Squeal, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

8 PAX, mostly Tank Yardigans (plus Mr. Winslow and YHC) showed up for BRISK and BRUTAL beatdown at Dawn Patrol esta manana.  It was a full body hammering that had just a little bit of everything, but a lot of PAIN. It was your loss for missing it, read below and see why!!!

Warm up:
25 Russian Twist IC
25 Mountain Climbers IC
25 Plank Jacks IC
15 Merkins IC

The Main Thang:
Indian Run down to the pond
Tabata Torture begins…

Tabata Round 1

Lap the Lake
Running only
Plank O Rama

Tabata Round 2
High Jumps
Shoulder Taps

Lap the lake w/ these exercises:
Sprint to 3 lights
Bear crawl 1 light
Crab Walk 1 light
Lunge Walk 1 Light
Sprint Back
Plank O Rama

Tabata Round 3
Mountain Climbers
Fairy Jacks
Shoulder Taps

Lap the lake w/ these exercises:
Backwards run 3 lights
Sprint 3 lights
Bear Crawl 1 light
Crab Walk 1 light
Sprint back
Plank O Rama

Tabata Round 4
Derkins on the fence
Big Boy Sit Ups
Heels to Heaven

Pair Up in 2s
Lap the lake w/ these excercises:
Piggy Back partner 3 lights
Switch partners Piggy Back 3 lights
Human Wheel barrow 1 light
Switch partners Human barrow 1 light
Sprint back
Plank O Rama

20 leg throws per partner

Line up for Partner Plank Claps 1′ foot apart
25 Plank Claps
Move apart to 2′ feet apart
25 Plank Claps

20 leg throws per partner

Lap the Lake
Running only

20 Windmills/ aka Suzanne Summers
1 Min heel sitters, elbows on knees

Mosey back to meet Mary

20 Dolly IC
20 Flutters IC
20 Erectros/ aka Air Humpers
20 Dead Cockroach
20 Low Country Crab

Prayers for Amy Hunter, Iceman’s co-worker- goes to church w/ a few others…had a brain aneurism and is still in ICU, looking hopeful, but long road ahead. Kids haven’t seen here either since she is in ICU. Continued prayers for complete healing as quickly as possible.

Prayers for guy in Sanchez’s community group, Tim. Has 18 yr old daughter who is making some very difficulty decisions and wrestling with drugs/addiction. Pray that God can restore and bring healing.

Prayers for YHC co-worker Brian Osterhout in Charlotte. His wife, Sally, had golf ball sized tumor taken out yesterday they found on Dec 30, and they believed it to be benign. Pray for strength of family and complete and quick healing.

Prayers for YHC and job stuff…


So this morning was my first Dawn Patrol post, and I just so happened to have the honor to Q. What a great AO at Hollingsworth Park, and what a worthy group of PAX to suffer alongside with. Truly enjoyed the gloom today, and I look forward to our next encounter. Have a blessed weekend.

Mab Mab

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