Dance Party at The Station

  • Workout Date - 03/01/2016
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - No Bars, No Bell, Highway Man, Blades, Biofreeze, First Date, Wally, Erector, Ricky Bobby, Natty, Slick Willy, Almond Joy, Shep, iTunes, Philly Cheese, Mr. Head, Grrr, Alfred, Stitch, Cockroach, Perry Mason
  • AO -

21 PAX accepted the invite to a Perry Mason dance party at the Station.  Conditions were 45 and clear. As we were waiting for the starting gun, I noticed a number of really fast PAX were rolling in.  And that was before Blades and No Bars came flying in from their pre-run.  I look forward to seeing these guys get after it from comfortably in the rear.

Warm Up  

I’ve been thinking that we give the warm up session short shrift at the Station, so I wanted to make sure we had several minutes to get everyone loosened up.

SSH x 20 IC

Run a lap around the circle

Tiggers x 20 OYO

IW x 15 IC

Run a lap

A minute or so of arm circles forward and backward to loosen up the shoulders

Run a lap

The Thang

The city likes to play music on Saturdays when they turn the fountain on.  While I am not a big fan of listening to beach music when it is 20 degrees outside, I got to thinking that there is no reason why we cannot have music during our weekday workouts.  So I decided it was time to put on our dancing shoes.

YHC got the party started with “Flower” by Moby (also known as Bring Sally Up).  The PAX were instructed to plank and follow the instructions on going up and down as long as they could keep pounding out the merkins.  Then to audible to going from regular to elbow plank or to doing squats as needed until the song was over.  I was hoping that my watch speaker would be loud enough for everyone to hear the instructions, but apparently not.  So some were having to take the lead from me, and I may not have been perfectly in time with the song as a I struggled through the second half.  Since we have more tracks to hit, I had the PAX run another lap while I retrieved my Bluetooth speaker from the car.

Time to mosey over to the intersection of Jason and Cannon for hub and spoke.  Blades must have known this was on the agenda.  Every time through the hub was 10 merkins, and then each spoke was a different exercise – donkey kicks, LBCs, squats, and Russian Twists.  There was a train before most of us even hit the hub for the first time, so 10 burpees.  The goal was for everyone to complete 2 rounds, but the lead group must have done 3+.  Although there was some controversy over whether the thoroughbreds did the train burpees or not.  Once everyone had finished, we moseyed over to the church for track 2.

Time for the “Cha Cha Slide” on the curb island in the parking lot.  Plank it up and listen to the instructions about moving left or right.  Merkins on the words cha cha, and shoulder taps when he tells you to clap your hands.  I need to find an abridged version of that song, as after about 4 minutes our shoulders were smoked.  When the DJ started an extended hype session for his upcoming version III of the song, we had to break it off and head back to the station for our last song.  The track was still playing until we were almost to the circle.  #longestsongever.

The last track was “Roxanne” by The Police.  Starting out in a plank, go down halfway whenever Sting says “Roxanne” and start doing plank jacks until he says “red light.”  We were just starting to have fun when another train came through.  10 burpees later, time was up.


Prayers for Gabby and Natty’s battles with the insurance company over her treatment.  Prayers for Shep as he expects the birth of his son any day now. Prayers for the guys training for races that they avoid injury and meet their goals.  Praise for Alfred for setting a PR in the SR half and to iTunes for his all night ruck.

Great numbers today.  Kotters to the guys who have been hibernating for the winter.  Keep EHing other guys you have not seen in a while.  No reason why we cannot regularly have 25-30 at the Station.

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