• Workout Date - 05/13/2014
  • Q In Charge - Punkin Spice
  • The PAX - Spongebob, Posh Spice, Jar Jar Binks (FNG-David Lyles), Domer, Hardhat, Uptight, Latka, Dollywood, Erector, Ladybug (FNG-Kyle Walker), Scuba Steve, Zoila, Handy Manny, TurboTax, Malpractice, Pedialyte, Stewie, Bubba Gump, Grease Trap, Mr. Winslow (FNG-Will Cook), Urkel, Maverick, Screech, Punkin Spice
  • AO -

24 men, including 3 FNGs, were able to resist the strong urge to fartsack and make it out into the muggy gloom. Some PAX thought they were going to see Tabata, some thought the Get Movin’ Monday beatdown from the previous day at The Burbs might get rinsed and repeated. No sir, let’s get a little more running in than that. And where better to run back and forth than on a suspension bridge looking at and listening to the beautiful Falls? It’s Liberty 500 time!

Warm Up

SSH x30

Q: Do we have even’s? Count off 1s-2s. Ends with 1. Man, we don’t. Oh well, doesn’t really matter, let’s mosey!

PAX: Wait, what? That’s the warm up? :::mumblechatter & laughter:::

YHC, smiles to himself, knowing what was in store. Plus, not sure how long this was going to take. So, let’s get to work!

Mosey down Main and into the entrance of Falls Park. It’s time for a long overdue Liberty 500! Such a simple and effective beatdown. Thanks Hootie, this one is for you!

Main Thang

Liberty 500 – partner up, size does not matter. Hey! Here comes Dollywood so we do have even partners.

EACH partner does 100 reps. of all 5 exercises. One partner exercises while the other partner runs the Liberty Bridge, around the round-a-bout, and back. Flap Jack.

5 Exercises x100:
-Jump Squats (modify to Squats if needed)
-Freddy Mercury (double count)
-Jump Lunges (modify to Lunges if needed) #ouch #crowdpleaser
-Mnt. Climbers (double count)

As everyone finish’s up, it appears Urkel is still doing Lunges.

Q: Urkel, you still on Lunges?

Urkel: Yup (as he finishes the last few)

Okay Fellas! Let’s support Urkel and knock out these Mnt. Climbers with him! #nomanleftbehind

Single count, on Urkel, who is around rep. 30 at this point, and Urkel, being the trooper he is, led us the rest of the way, in double count fashion!

Great work Urkel, and the rest of the PAX for the support. #proverbs27:17 #ironsharpensiron

Mosey back to ShovelFlag


Double Leg Raises x10
In and Outs x15
Russian Twist x15
LBCs x10


-Welcome FNGs Will, David, and Kyle!! Also, welcome Mark Miller-Zoila from Charlotte who, I believe said, has moved back to Greenville and will be joining the Swamp Rabbit PAX regularly. Great talking with you this morning Zoila!
-Still need Swamp Rabbit PAX to go support F3Spartanburg for a couple more Saturdays. Those that have not been out yet go check it out, they have a really sweet AO. Meet at Starbucks on Pelham Saturday at 0610 if you want to caravan out there with the guys who have committed to going.
-Giving two separate AOs for Ring of Fire (RoF) a try this Wednesday (so max effort to EH guys to get out there). Riverside Middle School and Greenville High School will be the areas of operation, both are from 0515-0615. All Skill sets encouraged! This workout is running interval training. If you are interested in improving your running, this workout is for you. At least, come check it out and give it a try, you may like it more than you think. The pre-blast from Slim is up, check it out!
-GORUCK training planned this Saturday for a, Cadre-1D, night simulation. 1D is planning on putting it down from 2300 (11pm) – 0300 (3am) at a location still to be determined, stay tuned RUCKers!
-If you know any FNGs (fairly new guys) who don’t follow F3 Swamp Rabbit on Twitter ( and/or Facebook ( invite them to do so. Also, let them know about the backblast ( and how they can get to them.

Prayer Request:
-1D’s rotator-cuff surgery next Tuesday (5/20)
-Continue lifting up Slim and the family of his college buddy who’s 3 yr. old daughter passed away from leukemia
-The youth group at Aldersgate Methodist; youth director resigned
-Erector needs new job (manufacturing, engineering, sales). I’m sure he is very grateful to all of those who have spoke with him and helped him up to this point.
-Tesh is nursing a cold, get well soon brother!


As always, it was a pleasure Fellas!
Until next time,
[Thursday at The Burbs (Mitchell Road Presbyterian) if you so dare!] #punkinweek
Punkin out!

Pax Propter Vim

4 thoughts on “Curveball”

  1. Thanks Punkin Spice. Really nice being back in Greenville, the pleasure this morning was all mine. Swamp Rabbit workouts appear to be just as challenging as CLT thus far. Liberty 500 was no joke. The NoCo (Charlotte North) pax call it a “ranch workout”, cause as you are going up the stairs at night time you wish you lived in a ranch house. Definite ranch workout today with all those squats and lunges.

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