Curl Your Partner, Do Si "Doh! We Lost to The Citadel!"

  • Workout Date - 11/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Bambi, Third Base, Look Out Below, Walrus, Sammy, Tedediah, Officer Poncherello, Sushi, Macho Man (so he says), Soccer Mom, Whisper (Birthday Boy), Squid, Beanstalk, Butterbean, Affordable Care Act
  • AO -


Definitely a Chamber of Commerce Day … for Bismark.  28 degrees and lucky there wasn’t a flagpole around or one of these men would have had a body part stuck to it by the time I got there… (Segue!)

Warm Up

YHC has been tempting fate for quite some time by getting to AOs in the nick of time (but not quite @ChurchLady nick of time).  This morning, I realized at the door that I had no socks.  So I had to do my best Ace Ventura back upstairs without waking 5 family members.  Despite what you read below, this exercise achieved my highest heart rate of the morning.

YHC peeled into the parking lot (narrowly missing @Sammy) expecting to see a few lonely brothers when what do my wondering eyes should appear…. 14 PAX without a Q, starting to fear.  At least I thought that was fear.  As I jogged closer, I began to realize it was the sobbing of @LookOutBelow

Pull yourself together, @LookOut!  We’ve already beaten one ACC division champ.  We’ll get the other one this weekend (we can edit these, right?)!

After the Q-less wrap up their SSHs X 15, we mosey down Curtis to the church parking lot.

The Thang

After everyone finds a partner, its time to start our downpainment in earnest!

Merkins X 30 (IC)
Partner Curls X 15 (OYO)
17s – 17 Sprints back and forth, suicide style (estimated 40 yards)
Chillcut Partner Claps X 50
LBCs X 25 (IC)

Mosey back to Ice Cream Station (they were closed, bummer)

Merkins X 30 (IC)
Partner Curls X 15 (OYO)
Partner 17s (one partner runs a 17 while the other partner does Bottom Half Burpees)
Chillcut Partner Claps X 50 (IC)
Snow Angels X 20 (IC)

Mosey back to the church parking lot

Merkins X 30 (IC)
Partner Curls X 15 (OYO)
Partner 17s (one partner runs a 17 while the other partner does dual lunges)

Note:  I chose @Tedediah to run the 17 in under 70 seconds or we would all run again knowing he is a distant cousin of The Flash.  He made it in 67 seconds.  Whew….. that was close.


One more time, for good measure!  Chillcut Partner Claps X 40 (IC)


  • Praise for YHC’s adoption process!
  • Thanksgiving convergence at Powderkeg
  • Christmas Party at Padre’s Casa!  Please remember to send the $10 per head for F3 Foundation to Padre’s PayPal (
  • Announcing Sushi’s after the party Tree Trimming party at his house!  YHC will be asleep by then.

Ye Ole Moleskin

  • Cobains for my tardiness.  It’s amazing how you don’ t notice the cold so much when you literally hit the ground running.
  • Cobains also for not naming our FNG this morning with a huge beard that vaguely looks familiar.  Let’s hope he comes back soon (@Grumpy is the early name in the clubhouse).
  • Related, aforementioned bearded stranger and @Walrus combined for the most fantastic facial hair duo in the history of F3 (that’s an educated guess).
  • The coffee shop right in front of Tower of Terror remains closed while 15 thirsty PAX need to buy a beverage at an exorbitant amount of money.  I guess they’re targeting bloggers that wake up at noon.
  • T-claps to @Bambi for doing all the manly stuff to my shovel flag.  Now it’s time to Pinterest “cute shovel flag ideas”!

Always a pleasure, Gentlemen.  See you in the gloom.


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