Crucible- The Greatest Day of the Year Edition

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  • Workout Date - 03/23/2023
  • Q In Charge - Slim
  • The PAX - 00, Longbottom, Mega Mu, Sushi (#wardaddy), Amelia, Houdini, Domer, Bartman, Punky (FNG, #warbaby), Armanti, GCOD, Iceman, Punchout, Mr. Winslow, Hootie, Slim
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Today, on the greatest day in world history, 16 pax shook off the fartsack and got after it in downtown Greenville.

The Thang:

Mosey from Starbucks on Main to the monolith that is the parking deck behind Mast General Store. One slow lap to the top to direct the flow of the race:

20 LBC’s at the base of the staircase

Run up staircase, stopping on each level, alternating between 10 merkins and 20 smurf jacks up each level to the top, 10 burpees at the top, sprint down the ramp to the bottom, rinse and repeat, AMRAP.

Mosey back to Sbx for Mary. 37 reps were way too many. I’m too old to do any honorary reps.

The “winner” on this glorious day was Houdini. It appeared that at least half the pax made it through 6 rounds, with Houdini winning a sprint to the finish over Mega. All pax got through at least 4 rounds. Tclaps to the FNG now known as Punky- you showed up to the worst possible first workout.

Naked Moleskin:

Serious round of thanks to all that made it out this morning to help YHC start this day out right. No better way to start 37.

Sushi put on a show, as #wardaddy, smoking pax much younger. Tclaps to him and Bartman for making the long commute in.


Final Anderson support tomorrow.

Sign up for Greer Xmas Parade- M’s and 2.0s welcome.

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