Cruce on a Tuesday

  • Workout Date - 01/24/2017
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - PETA, Caviar, Capn Crunch, Flay, WeedWhacker, Hootie, Crash (WD, Double Respect), Squints, Zoila, Stewie, Houdini, Latka, Earthmover (QIC)
  • AO -

13 dudes made their way to #mainthang on a perfect weather day for some F3 action. YHC was the substitute Q after DoubleWindsor somehow broke a finger on Monday (better be a good story). Today will be #tabata free but Dini wasn’t buying it.

Good Mornings #mumblechatter

Mosey down across the #bridgeovertheReedy to the “artist” walk/SRT. Here’s our #crucestyle workout for the day.
10 burpees
10 squats
10 situps
lap – down the SRT to River street, hang a right then right on Broad, come back around behind Peace Center and back across #bridgeovertheReedy

Pretty much everyone was lapped by CaptainCrunch fka G-String. Dude was in a different zone. Fast guys got in 6+ laps, I got in 5. Strava said I did 2.6 miles

Head back to Peace Center stairs – 5 squats per stair to the top = a lot of squats

Make it back home right at 6 – dunzo!

Smoky Mountain Relay – donations accepted by Caviar. Also need gear for Gideons pax
Driver needed for SMR as well
DANGLER Feb 4 8:07 am
MainThang Thursday will include royalty from F3Metro
TheValley – Coffee Underground Wednesdays 11:45
April 29 – JACKALOPE returns. See Zoila for details
Prayers –
Latka friends who had a miscarriage
For tolerance and ability to understand different points of view and listen
Dini coworker whose daughter passed away leaving young child
Ruth Samuelson’s family in CLT

Always a pleasure – #SYITG

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