criss cross applesause

  • Workout Date - 08/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Bartman
  • The PAX - SlapChop, Padre, Golden Sombrero, BigShort, Twin Peaks, Wilson, Zipit
  • AO -

8 rejected the urge to remain in the fartsack and got moving at #theburbs!

Smurfjacks x 10
Merkins x 10

The BurbianThang:
Mosey to the front of the church to partner up for “criss cross applesause” (needing to be politically correct). Partner 1 takes off running around the right side of the church with partner 2 running around the left side. When partner 1 and 2 comes together complete 20 LBC’s, take back off running and the next time you meet up with your partner complete 15 merkins, take back off running and the next time you see your partner do 10 squats, take off running again and the next time you see your partner do 5 burpees.

We did some plank and core exercises before rinsing and repeating the above just inverting the exercises: 5,10,15,20

Gathering the PAX we mosey to the bottom of the hill for 100,200, 300. Keeping the same partners, partner 1 takes off running around the median with a traffic cone of your head (until not physically possible) while partner 2 begins doing the exercises (rinse and repeat until exercises are complete):
Derkins x 100
Lunges x 200
Flutters x 300

American Hammer x 15
Joe Hendrix
Flutters x 15
Joe Hendrix
Split into 2 groups of 4, Indian run around the Church with a jail break back for COT. And we are DONE!!

Naked Moleskin: great to see Golden back in the gloom! Great group of men who pushed one another through the above but more importantly pushed and challenged one another during COT.

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