CRAZY 8's At Golden Strip

  • Workout Date - 02/02/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Cocoon, WiFi, Big V, Butterbean, Retread, Rainbow Dash, Mab Mab, Skin So Soft, Lookout Below, Snaphook, (FNG) Snookie, Sushi
  • AO -

12 Pax (1 FNG) made it out to Golden Strip for YHC’s return from DL Q.  As promised, there was themed music and props.  The Cones of Death made an appearance and it was great to be back in the saddle.  Those at Golden Strip know what a Figure 8 is, but a comeback Q would not be right without a new twist…hence the CRAZY 8!

Warm-up Sushi Style

Climb the Wall X 30

Right Toe, Middle Ground, Left Toe Touch X 25


Chorus Line Kicks Right Leg X 15, Left Leg X 15

Closing Kick Right Leg X 10, Left Leg X 10

Open Kick Right Leg X5, Left Leg X5

Knife Hand Strikes – Right Hand X 40, Left Hand X 40

Horse Riding Punches – X 120….yes 30 set of 4

The Thang – CRAZY 8

Mosey over to the Figure 8 for 8 laps….4 of those 8 laps had a special surprise.

Instructional Lap – Lunge across the intersection…Run to turn 1…Right Leg Hop Turn 1 to the Hill…Bear Crawl up the Turn 2 Hill…Crab Walk down the hill…Run to intersection…Walking Merkins through the intersection…run to turn 3…Left Leg Hop turn 3…run to the turn 4 hill…bear crawl up the Turn 4 hill…crab walk down…run to intersection.  YHC wanted to do 8 of these but soon realized that time was not on our side!  Called an audible after 3 repeats.  2 regular Figure 8’s as a slight recovery, then back to the CRAZY 8 for 1 more.  2 more regular Figure 8’s the mosey back for some Mary

Hello Dolly – while the song lasted …about 40

Freddie Mecury – 20

Crab Crunches – 20

Oblique V-Ups – 5 Right, 5 Left

COT and Name-O-Rama

Don’t forget about the Mud Run.  You can signup now.  Got to the F3 site for more details.  Prayer request for Macho…pass those stones.  February 28th is the Doughnut Dash at Mauldin HS.  $20 entry fee gets you a Dozen Krispy Kreme’s, a T-shirt and entry into a raffle for prizes. It is a 2 mile race, but halfway you have to eat at least 6 of the doughnuts to continue.  It is a fun event to help the Mauldin HS Lacrosse team get some gear.  Nail Pop coming to the Station for a guest Q next Thursday.  Prayers for his son Walker and bills are piling up.  F3 is looking to get some donations to help their cause. This Saturday is the Drifter trails run.  Be there 7:30 for a pre-race workout.  The race starts at 9:00.


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