Crashing 65

  • Workout Date - 09/19/2017
  • Q In Charge - CRASH
  • The PAX - 17 humble souls awoke the dawn
  • AO - Main Thang

17 F3ers dawned early light to celebrate your UHC’s 65th birthday.  The drill started with a 65 second elbow plank followed by “who can 65” dips the fastest.  I think Squince was the winner here.

Winning prizes today were $5000 scratch offs.

Next we headed down Main Street with a run by age group.  Our youngest F3 was 29. He was joined by Satisfry who is Olympian of Bear Crawls, almost inhuman speed.  The 30 and 40 year old boys had to run backwards and the UHC ran his usual lightening sprint.

A short stop  in front of Tupelo Honey for some derkins (65). Headed into the parking garage for a variety of exercising climbing to the top stopping along the way  to:

squats(65), Russian twist(65), LBC(65), flutters(65), balls to the wall for 65 seconds, down the stairs and back to the top again and repeat, etc. etc. etc.

Scratch off winners were:  Caviar, Weed-wacker, Hootie, Squince, Junk Bond, etc.  Weed wacker won $1.

A short sprint back to the Peace Center.

We had a newbie, christened Nellie from Little House on the Prairie.  Great morning.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Prayer Requests:  Squince and the Hurricane victims

Respectfully submitted,








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